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As I promised yesterday we’ll talk about Vision. What we’ve done till now? Found where we are, spoke about Positioning, discussed Marketing Strategy and it is time to define Vision. It is very hard to build Marketing Strategy if you don’t figure out your EXACT Vision. You can draw sketch of Strategy but in order to finalize it you need your Vision. Marketing Strategy is your main direction towards your Goal. And Vision is your Goal – Star that you want shoot to! Goal of your life, Goal of the WHOLE of your business!

It may sound weird but Vision is not exactly what you can see. It is not 1 month, 1 quarter, 1 year or even 5 years plan. It is your DREAM! Yes, it is Dream. Somebody can tell me that it can’t be Dreams in business – business is exact science and dram is something from literature. Bull Shit! Sorry for my language, but 20 years I am talking about this, explaining it from different sides and still I hear laughs when start talking about Vision and Business!

Do you want some examples? Here they are! Let’s start from the most popular computer gadgets that we have now – iPhone and iPad. Try to recall – how many of you guys, or may be your friends, relatives, parents knew about these gadgets 10 years ago? And how many of you would laugh if somebody will tell you – I want to have phone with internet, Credit Card and photo Camera! Just add keys from home/auto, ability to pay bills,…… Do you need me to continue with this list? I think it may take not one blog post! And now I can add my posts from every place around the world, buy films, groceries, houses online, order tickets, read news, work online and, funny enough, still VISION! He spent his carrier in ups and downs (I don’t want to rehearse his biography – you can read it yourself), but he invented so many things which we use every day now. This is only because of his VISION! You can argue with me – Microsoft is a huge company and was on the top for many, many years, rather than Apple. But don’t forget, business figures/statistic lovers, – who hold the all time record of the most expensive company?!!!! APPLE! And this is even without Steve Jobs! Try to imagine where Apple can be if Steve Jobs would live today and many, many tomorrow! You even can’t estimate this amount in exact figures. This is VISION!

Vision should be expressed in concreet figures or percentages or amonts. If we are talking about money – you need to put exact amount (for example – my Vision is $50 000 turn over per week in Grandma Recipes restaurant). If you are talking about position on the market – it should be exact percentage(for example – my chain of Grandma Recipes will have 30% of the restaurant market in…city, country, continent, world). Don’t afraid to put VERY Ambitious Goals, highly expected VISION. Thought is Material! Remember this. And if somebody will tell you that you can’t do this, recall Steve Jobs or Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronald Reagan or Richard Branson or Madonna or……. Hundreds and hundreds well known persons started from ZERO (even below zero) and became presidents, governors, rock stars, etc. Many businesses was started from small loans, from pure enthusiasm of the owners and become transnational corporations. Don’t be afraid! Do whatever you want and learn by doing this! You’ll achieve whatever you want!

May be you don’t want to be a president or Rock Star. May be you want to earn 2$-3K per week for your family and live in calm and nice environment. Fine! Put this as your Vision (because now you, probably, earn $500 per week). And for you $2-3K per week is like billions for Madonna.

Now I hope you start to understand real meaning of the word VISION. It the next post we’ll summarise our first steps, gather All in One Start Up Package. This Package will be real blueprint for you in the tough business ocean. Don’t be in hurry, don’t afraid DREAMING and, the most important, DOING things that you LOVE but, may be, not 100% know at the moment. If you want to create something, to achieve something in YOUR life – start THINKING and DOING, implementing your thoughts in real life!

Good Luck!

See you tomorrow, when we’ll finalise our first steps.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Check also HERE – www.RichLuckyLife.com – for your blueprint of your future business. Don’t forget to ask me questions – I have a bit of spare time in the middle of March.

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