Good day, my successful followers!

I am sure that your businesses became better and stronger during this weekend. You had good relaxation time which should help your business even more. New week, fresh brain, brilliant ideas and lot of energy! What could be better for Health and Prosperity?!!!

Monday, Monday – Hard day! But we need to move further. On Friday we spoke about Positioning. Next step is Strategy. It is very important part of your business plan. Without strategy you can see where are you going and estimate your real results. I’ll try to illustrate it for you: Business without the Strategy is the same as Football (Soccer) without Goals. You’ll have a lot of movement, running, efforts, but…. what kind of result you expect to receive? There are no goals – there is no score – there is no sense in this game!  All your efforts – investments, resources – pointless, because you don’t know WHAT FOR you are doing this! Very simple and extremely important!

Strategy. You know your point A – this is where you are NOW (remember – be honest with you, don’t exaggerate, describe the reality). You know your point B – this is your destination point. Strategy – is the exact route from point A to point B! You can’t find more simple definition! The same as football – huge goals, 11 players – what is the problem to score the goal? But it is real problem and only the best of teams can do it constantly. The same in business – know where you are, know where you want to be and…. Still on the other side f the moon! There are only two reasons – bad strategy (or don’t have any) or you didn’t follow your strategy.

Remember, when you outline your route, use REAL MAP, not your fantasy. Because if there is a river across your route (in reality) you should build a bridge, not a tunnel! This is REAL GOOD Strategy. If we look on our example (Grandmother recipes restaurant/coffee shop) it will mean following: don’t offer Gourme cousine in such restaurant (unless your Grandmother was a 5 Start Micheline Cook!). Home made meals will be your bridges to hearts and minds of your potential customers. Be consistant in what you are doing! Strategy needs especially for this – when during hard times you start to try different other things – you should correlate yourself to your marketing strategy. Is there possibility to try this inside my strategy? Or this kind of activity is too far away from my strategy. This will help you to overcome hard times and ACHIEVE your goals!

I can’t cover even in several posts all aspects of Marketing Strategies. I can outline only main points, global sense of this very important marketing tool. I would prefer to answer ALL your questions regarding how to establish and implement marketing strategy in YOUR business. Don’t hesitate to ask me – I am GUARANTEE you INCREASE of PROFIT after implementing even first steps of right and clear MArketing Strategy. It is TOTALLY FREE for my followers/subscribers. Don’t miss this opportunity!

At the end I want to create one more bridge – it will be my own bridge (for my concern). The purpose of this bridge is to connect today and tomorrow posts. And the name of this bridge is VISION! Because it can’t be Strategy without Vision. And Vision is useless without Strategy. Just for me – not to forget – tomorrow we’l talk about VISION and how it corresponds with Positioning and Strategy.

See you tomorrow HERE or here – And now we need some time-out, break in order to formulate competent questions – let’s start earn BIG MONEY! Implement all knowledge that we can find and gather. Together we POWER! We’ll change this (or that) world.

Till tomorrow! Sincerely yours,


P.S. Just quick reminder – HERE ( you can find more space for questions and answers. Try and Do!

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