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It is time to sum up the weekend. It was very saturated weekend. We made a tour around Melbourne,  visited beautiful places around us (it was yesterday) and finished this day with nice family barbecue. Today – Sunday – my son went to music lesson and I ment to go play tennis. Unfortunately, exactly at the time of tennis appointment (not hour before, not minute later) began a huge rain – I’ve stayed without tennis at the morning. But it is a big plus of Melbourne unstable weather – in an hour it became hot and sunny and in 4 hours later we played a nice game! I won 6:3, 6:4! Finishing weekend on a good note!

Between these main Sunday events (son’s music and my afternoon tennis) we went shopping. Tomorrow my son will go the new kindergarden – it will be his first day in this particular kinder. Small kindergarden with 2 groups of kids – 1 group for 3 years old, 2-nd for 4 years old. About 20 children in every group. There are kids with Russian/Hebrew/English background. They spoke Russian and Hebrew plus, of corse, English as a main language. Many parents who came from Russia/Israel bring there kids to this kinder. Danik will attend this kindergarden 3 days a week- Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. He wants be only with his mother – and this is a problem. Even we he attended day care with russian teacher – it was a tragedy every day! When we arrived he started to cry, non stop! And after couple of minutes we leaved – all became good. But this was (and probably will be) the hardest moment – put him to kindergarden. Wish us Luck in this “job”!

One more news, no not so good, arrived from High Traffic Academy. They throw me out from HTA Facebook group. Nothing special or super extraordinary, but sediment remained. I am normal person and understand that it is very hard to be consistant and very good teacher, especially when you found a way how to put $800 000 in the pocket. It is really hard to stay on track. Especially if you understand that you have chance to increase this sum may be twice, may be 3 times! CONGRATULATIONS, Vic! You’ve done this! Your dream become true. The problem is that Empower Network will be changed by another MLM company, money will disappear and fans will not be so faithful. You promise huge amount of things, but… At the end of the day you delivered only basic modules in HTA. I’ve entered HTA in December and as I know from members who entered earlier, it was the same content since August. Now you promote Empower Network. May be it is good for you, may be it is right idea – I can’t judge, but what will be with your students who entered HTA to study traffic. NOT MLM or How To Become Instant Millionaire, but How to Succeed in Internet. Not every one has $5 000 to invest in another MLM project, somebody has just a small amount to start. But even in your webinars you forget about those people, started your explanations-pushing from $1 000 of Platinum level.

I want to share with ALL MY FOLLOWERS this letter that I received from one of the HTA members, Empower Network member and one of your most faithful fans, Vic Strizheus. May be somebody copy/paste this letter to you. Just to understand what you are doing with people’s life. Not everyone so cynic as you, sorry to mention. NO NEGATIVE, just reality.

“Hi Leonid
I’m ok. Keeping positive. I am packing my house to move out tomorrow as I’m not creating enough income to make the repayments.

I have managed to take my car out of repossession on Tuesday to avoid it being auctioned & avoided having my credit file marked.

I have let my children stay at my inlaws house while I figure out where to move to.

I am thinking of how to raise enough money to meet Vick in person. I joined my partner under him in BIM but so far only at basic level hoping if I find a way to make sales in my current EN, I could upgrade him to diamond level, we could  then meet Vick & everyone in Miami.


Think about this, Vic! Think everyone! Let’s be more sensitive to each other! Help each other. Not only push everyone – Go All In! Sometimes you need to think.

By the way, I was banned from HTA Facebook group not for negativity or criticism. Just for posting information about useful WordPress plugins. I found them in Internet, then upload video on Youtube and make a small post on my blogs – HERE and on Then I am sharing these posts via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Our GURUS don’t like when somebody else help people. Only they should be saviours. Ok, no problem. I’ll stay out of this.

One small request to you, guys, who read my blog. Think about this girl who sent me the letter. Don’t make these mistakes, use your own brain for thinking and may be …..

Let’s try to help Jocelyn. If you may help or have an ideas, please, comment here or at or write me directly to my email – If it may help – she lives in Australia with boyfriend and two kids 3 and 2 years old.

Hope on your help,


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