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Nothing serious today – Saturday, family relax day – day when you spend money earned during week days. The sense of life. What for we working 5 days (somebody even more) if we wouldn’t enjoy life?! We spent fantastic time this Saturday! It should be some relaxation exercises in the diary of your life.

I’ll try to be brief – it is 23:30 now and tomorrow will be another very productive and relaxed day. Ok, we went towards Yarra Glen with intention to visit every orchard, every vinery, holiday house or resort, that we’ll meet. It was a really nice weather – not cold, not hot, something about 22-24C. Beautiful weather for this kind of travelling. We started not early – about 11:00 and while we leaved city (via petrol station and some shops) my little son felt asleep and slept about 2 hours. It was great gift because it is really hard to get him to sleep, and it is very hard with him when he is tired. But this time we had wonderful tour!

We stopped on Chocolate and Ice cream Factory near Yarra Glen. I didn’t know but it appears to be very nice place. You can see how they produce chocolate, you can taste different types of chocolate and ice cream. And it is really huge assortment of different types of chocolate and related products. Moreover they have a very nice caffe there. We decided to have lunch there and were nicely surprised by quality of there food. Usually you don’t expect to receive good food in places like this – they producing chocolate and ice cream, not dinners and lunches. But they are really good in both – chocolate and lunch food. I was pleasantly surprised.

After lunch on Chocolate Factory we had a bit of rest on there back/front yard. Beautiful grass field with fantastic views all around – amazing! We played football, lied on the grass, laughed and enjoyed every moment of this pleasure!

On the way back it was mainly way in the car, because all attractions were closed at that moment. We visited them only to check what it is and for future understanding – is it worth to come back here or not. Our last stop for today trip was Lilydale Lake. Beautiful place with playground, big lake with boats, bike routes, barbecue places, and more, more and more. Definitely we should visit this place once more and spend here whole day! Should be good rest. It is here my little son first time announced idea of barbecue. And if he started with something….. You can’t stop him or change the subject. In reality it means that we should do barbecue at home.

No problem. We bought sausages, meat and I’ve started barbecue at 20:00. This Saturday was like New Year eve for my little son – he went to bed something about 23:00! Taking in consideration that tomorrow he’ll go to music at 9:00 – should be hard morning?! The same is mine – 9:00 start my tennis. And I should hit the ball, run around the court, play to win! 00:07 now – perfect time to finish all blogs and go to sleep.

Thank you everybody for your attention and support.

See you tomorrow (generally today),


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