Hello everybody! Great Day – Friday! We survived the working week and Position ourself as Friday Lovers. I love Friday. It brings the feeling of completed work week and anticipation of weekend. Two days that you can be completely free from work deals and thoughts (unless you can). Stay relax with your family and friends! It is very important. Good rest is the main component of productive work! Wish you a good weekend rest! But now a bit more useful information.

Yesterday we spoke about positioning. It is a huge topic and I can’t cover it even in dosens blog posts. That’s why I want to put a bit more attention to this VERY IMPORTANT part of your business prosperity. Yesterday we spoke about where you should position your business – in the customers mind. And emphasised why it is so important. Today we’ll discuss how you can do this.

Do you remember our first consultation? Consultation where I told you why it is so important to become POSITIONING!

You should open something special! Find inside the customs brain some free space for your idea. Grandma recipes or Family dinner may be these ideas at the first level. I am not telling you that your restaurant should have exactly such name or this kind of menu. I don’t know what you really want and know. This is an example of POSITIONING idea. Attempt to find something that exists in the “food part” of human brain, but a bit aside, couple of millimeters right or left in order not to be lost in the crowd of similar words/terms/definitions. This is the first step – find a spare place. But the second step is also highly important – you need to become and stay NUMBER ONE in your small niche. It is very easy at the beginning when you just open this niche/category and you nearly alone in it. But trust me, in a relatively short amount of time you’ll see around you many, many similar businesses. Success is very likely to be copied! It is the easiest variant for people who don’t want to think!

But you entrepreneur, creator, risky and successful businessman! You open new niches and categories and you understand the importance of every day improvement. You know that you should add EVERY DAY a bit of new/additional value to your business. Every day do a bit more than yesterday, a bit better than previous week. But don’t forget the MAIN principle of POSITIONING – do better, do more, but not CHANGE anything. You should be 100% stick to your IDEA, even if sometimes it looks wrong. Don’t jump from one good thing to another best. Be consistent and just improve a bit on your way towards the main goal. In this case you’ll become the way you dreamed!

Sorry for this complicated part of the material at the end of the week, but it is extremely important part! Read it couple of times, think about this may over the weekend and I’ll be happy to answer ALL your question. I am sure you have huge amount of them. I can guarantee you – my answers will earn you hundreds of thousands dollars, will improve your business and bring you 100% increase in PROFIT! You can trust me, can not, but my first advise is very simple – spend 5 minutes of your time and write a question to me. It will not cost you a dime, but will bring PROSPERITY and WEALTH!

Waiting for you questions!

Wish you relaxed and happy weekend,


P.S. Try to ask me HERE – www.richluckylife.com – if for some reasons you can’t do it under Empower Network.

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