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Today we’ll talk about the next step in your business life – positioning. For now we have business field and name. Now we should position your business. It is highly important to Position yourself right – in morden world business you MUST Position Yourself or… You’ll DIE!

Let’s start from the meaning of this word – positioning. Easily understand that it means to put something on the right place. Something is your business. Need to understand what is the right place and where is it?! First idea that came in mind is that you should position your business on the market. Sounds logic, but…. WRONG! Totally wrong! This is the main mistake that business owners make all around the world. This refers not only to small companies but also to the huge corporations. Where is Kodak now? Bankrupt! Where is Polaroid? Bankrupt! And I can prolongue this list further and further. You should POSITION your business in the MIND of your potential clients! This is the only one place where you can put your business in order to develop successfully.

Let’s try to work out how to do this right. Operations with people brain/mind are the most complicated if you try to change something. But from the other side – they are the easiest manipulations which you can do if don’t expect to change anything inside customers head. Sounds complicated? Only sounds, because in reality it is very simple.

You have an image of your business in your mind. You know what kind of service you’ll provide to your customers, what kind of there expectations you’ll satisfy. Good! Now you should check this Image/Picture of your business with potential clients. Just ask your friends, relatives, any potential clients – what kind of image they have in there mind when  you suggest them your service/goods. Quick example – Healthy food. You want to open Healthy food coffee shop. Ask your friends about there associations. And you’ll receive this kind of picture – very good and popular idea, but…. expensive and not tasty. How it will help you to position your business? Easy! You should forget gourmands as your target audience and cheap mass market. It means that you’ll not waste your advertising money trying to attract Gourme public and Mass Market (Mac Donalds, Subway and so on fast food). This knowledge will give you straight way for promotion your business, will help you to avoid many painful mistakes and will create you an army of fans!

I need to emphasise here once more – don’t try to change people psychology, don’t try to explain Gourme person that steamed carrots are the highest type of food delicacy. In every niche you’ll have your followers, fans and customers. Just don’t mix them and you will grow a huge business. There are 2 main reasons why you HAVE TO position yourself very sharp. First, it will save your money – on promotions, assortment, types of services  etc. Second, it will save your nervous. Because when you’ll try to mix in one coffee shop Gourme people, Mac Donalds fans and those who prefer healthy steamed carrots – you can easily imagine types of fights and arguments you’ll receive from this mixture. Save your money and health. Go to your prosperity using straight and easy way!

This is just the small part of huge topic which calls “Theory of the Positioning” by Al Ries and Jack Trout. They’ve created this theory about 40 years ago and it is still alive and function. I think I should add an additional section here concerning all aspects of this theory, but I think that for now this is enough. I hope that you understood basic information and I am more than happy to answer ALL your questions regarding this topic. You can answer how to implement this theory to your concrete business, what you may change in existing situation, how to fix some sharp corners, etc. ASK, ASK and ASK! I’ll answer ALL of your questions. Trust me, it will help you improve your business, your image and your productivity. Try, there is NO RISK HERE! ALL FREE!

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