Hello my dear subscribers! I am glad you are here and we can go further with our marketing strategies for opening successful business.

Yesterday I explained you why it is VERY IMPORTANT to choose right business and put NUMBER ONE goals. I am sure you just went through these advises and we are ready to make step 2 – pick up the NAME.

Name of the business is on of the most important part of the strategy, strategy of SUCCESSFUL business. You can easily kill your business with a wrong name, you can face a huge difficulties, big huddles on your way if the name of your business will be wrong. At the end you should change the name or….. close/change business!

Let’s try to figure out how it works. The same example – coffee shop/restaurant. You are walking along the street with the exact aim – eat something. You first time on this street and don’t know anyone or anything. You can make your choice only based on advertising and names. First thing you see Name, than you can read advertising description and, probably, menu near the entrance (we’ll talk about this later). Now NAMES. You want to eat and see following: “John’s specials”, “Le province”, “Granny’s meals”, “Paris-London”, etc. I can add and add names, but I think this is enough. What will be your FIRST choice? Remember, you first time on this street, you don’t know anyone and you want to eat – safety and tasty. Start as I mentioned:

“John’s specials” – do you know John? Do you know how he is cooking? Specials from John – nothing means to you because you don’t know even regulars from John! Don’t feel like try this one.

“Le province” – you can love province, you can hate it – it is totally up to you. The problem is that you are looking for food, not for vacation. And there are hundreds of different cousins in different provinces. ow do you know that THIS ONE is for you? It is like a roulett – may be good, may be…. not really. You don’t have time to check, you want to eat with “guarantee”. Out of your range.

“Paris-London” – beautiful cities. I am sure you know these cities. You also know that there are French and English cousine. If you know this – you can’t imagine the mixture of them – they are totally different. May be the owner had in mind some kind of urban cousine, type of average cities meal. But you don’t know what inside his head. And don’t have time and desire to analyse this. You simply want to eat and want to eat food that you can easily understand. Not for you.

“Granny’s meals”- do you love home meal? Do you remember from your childhood what the best soup or cutlet your Grandma did for you (may be your Mother)? Pictures are going through your mind! You feel a bit of attraction, warm feelings, good associations… Really need to try. May be it will not be the same as from your Grandma (it definitely will not), but some feeling of attraction. Decision made – you are going HERE!

Look, it is not my fantasy. I took these names from Hampton street in Hampton Victoria. You can trust me, you can check yourself, but ”Granny’s meals” is packed and has 15 years history, rather other restaurants/coffee shops are half full or empty and will change owners/names/meals very soon. As the matter of fact 2 years ago these places didn’t exist at all!

When you give a name to your business this name MUST have meaning not only for you, but for people who doesn’t know anything about you and your business. How do you call a boat so it will float! Remember this! Name your business LUCK – you’ll be Lucky winner, name your business SKULL – and this is will be the may outcome from your business – skull and bones. You are the owner and you MUST decide what do you want to see at the end – PROFIT or …. next attempt.

Be careful, think many, many, many times before NAME your baby – your business it is your baby! And Health and Prosperity will accompany you all your business life.

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Kind regards,

Yours adviser for tonight – Leonid

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