My dear followers! It is time to start normal work, forget about hard times, forget about tennis (Australian Open, not that I am playing 2-3 times a week) and begin to EARN money. Very exciting task! I started.

Not really busy day, but there are some results. May be not so important, but for me, it is the first steps on my new way. The way is well known but the environment is a bit different. Will use to, no problem.

As I promised let’s talk about marketing/branding/positioning. I’ll try to explain you here how EVERYONE can sell more and sell more expensive (more PROFIT!). It is really easy if you follow exact steps from the beginning. We’ll start from the very beginning – YOUR BUSINESS!

I presume, that your choice of business type will lay in the field that you know better than others. For example, you are the best cook in your family, among your friends. Or you can easily fix your car and you LOVE to service your friends. May be you have a great imagination and can imagine how space will look after the repairing. I can put here as many examples as there are professions in the world. I would pick up coffee shop/deli/restaurant for my example. I’ll show you how to apply different marketing/branding rules and how to create and implement various strategies in the field of food services.

Why did I pick up this field? Explanation pretty obvious: this kind of business involve so many different aspects – Quality, Service, Competition, Popularity, Profit, Positioning, etc., that it is the best obvious artefact to examine. There are millions and millions of different coffee shops/restaurants/bars….. the huge amount of different kinds of eating places. Usually, there are dozens of the every street, hundreds around you and more and more and more. Sometimes you walking along the street and looking around astounded: “How come?!” So many similar businesses, how they can survive? And why some businesses open and close, and some of them exists dozens of years. No difference at first glance! No explanation!

My main goal is to explain it to you now. Explain why some businesses live 1 year and some 100’s of years. Not only explain Why, but also teach you How to create business for centuries. It is very easy, but not everyone can see the difference. The difference in small nuances. May be you even think that it is the waste of time to study these small things. REMEMBER! The same thoughts were or are in the heads of those business owners who just closed their business or on the way to close! Nuances count for a lot!

Ok, start with the business itself. I’ve told you before that you should know your business field. Be as more professional as you can. It is really wise to work in different types of similar businesses. If we talking about the food business, try to work as a cook somewhere, work as a waitress, sandwich maker, even cleaner in different coffee shops/restaurants. It will help you understand business from the back door,  as a result – avoid some mistakes that may cost you in future a bit of money, health, clients.

Second thing – you should want to become NUMBER ONE in your business. Doesn’t matter where you start, how much knowledge do you have at the beginning, it you don’t have this passion – BE NUMBER ONE – you are among the 70% of other candidates to be out of its market. Don’t get me wrong! I am not talking about to become Micheline restaurant or not to open one. I am talking about to be Micheline restaurant on your street, for your customers, among your fans. To do a bit more than others, to make even half a step more than competitors, to know may be one more habit more of your customer. I talking about MORE, MORE and MORE! This MORE will bring you SUCCESS, this MORE will bring you REPUTATION, this MORE will bring you MONEY! The rest is up to you. If it is enough for you to be 5 stars for your street and earn $1000 per week – beautiful! If you want to be the best in the city – you’ll be! If you want to beat a Mac Donalds – you’ll beat them, just need a bit of time! (Don’t forget, Subway, for now, have MORE restaurants than Mac Donalds). Nothing is impossible!

Let’s finalise today’s tips. There are TWO main tips at the opening stage – professionalism and Number One goal. We’ll discuss next steps tomorrow. But I have one REQUEST to you. Can you, please, ask the questions. It is much easier for me to explain something when I have an existing problem. And it also helps you really visualise problem and possible ways to solve it. Please, write, comment, ask! I am here to help you!

Kind regards,

waiting for your questions Leonid

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