Hi everybody from another beautiful evening!

We were around Melbourne today – visited beautiful places – yabbies (crayfish) farm, berries farm, lilies garden, was on the top of mountain. Beautiful day – good weather, fresh air – the best things you can expect in life! Life is beautiful!

Do you want a good advice? (I know that the easiest thing in life is to give advices, but…) If you expect tough times, have problems, emotionally unstable (as a result of serious life problems) – take your family and go to nature! Forget about all – just breath this fantastic fresh air, look at your beautiful family, enjoy every SECOND on your life and…. You’ll understand (I promise it to you 1000%) that all your problems are NOTHING in comparison with beauty and uniqueness of YOUR LIFE! All your problems are not worth even a second of this life, one breath of your kid, a moment of LIFE’S joy! Work it out and you’ll understand how to overcome life’s difficulties.

A couple of words regarding Australian Open 2013. Today is a final day – Djokovic and Murray playing right now. It is 1:1 (7:6, 6:7) – game promise to be long. And yesterday women decided who is who. At the end of 3 set thrillers Azarenka became second straight time Australian Open Champion! CONGRATULATIONS! The small video about immediate after-party.

I don’t know how long I’ll write this blog, but I promise that tomorrow I’ll put some highlights video and full result. I think that this game will last another 2-3 hour.

Unfortunately, nothing to say about my future plans. As I’ve recommended at the beginning, I just switched off all problems, plans, worries, prognoses, etc.  and enjoyed life! You should do it sometimes especially after the tough times. Even if you didn’t change your life yet, didn’t start any new deals, businesses, jobs, – just forget about everything and relax! You need this! Without this relaxation you can’t think positive, you can’t create your new life, you can’t make adequate decisions. I am 100% sure that it was the right decision for me. Now sitting in front of TV with Djokovic – Murray playing Australian Open Final I understand that some of my ideas became more clear, I can “feel” some of my decisions from different angles. Very productive day! Tomorrow will be Monday – the last day of a long weekend here in Australia and I just have a proper plan what to do, how to prepare myself for the first working week of my new life.

I made a very important decision regarding my blog. Life histories, everyday reports – all these are fantastic. But I want help you in your life and business. I have more than 20 years of Marketing, Branding and Advertising experience. What I’ve decided to do here is – short Marketing/Branding/Advertising course. My advises how to start and how to implement basic laws of marketing and branding. We’ll discuss here main laws of marketing and branding and main ways of implementing them – step by step from the beginning.

Moreover, I want to give you a FREE GIFT – Ideas That Make PROFIT! I’ll give you one MAIN Idea for your business/life that will change your business radically! It is my promise to you – during 2013 EVERYONE who needs a professional marketing/branding/advertising advice will receive it HERE FOR FREE! Just one request – you need to ask! Write your questions in comments and I’ll post my answers/ideas here, or will send them directly to you.


Don’t hesitate to ask. Trust me, the good idea is more than 50% of success!

Waiting for your questions,

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I also will publish my advises and ideas HERE – www.richluckylife.com

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