Hi from women final of Australian Open!

It is 3-d set now and 1:1. By the way, for those who doesn’t know, Azarenka – Li Na playing in Australian Open 2013 women Final. But for me the most painful day was yesterday – when Federer lost to Murray. Unfortunately we are witnessing the end of the era of Great Federer. He told that he’ll play till 2016 – Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, but it is just not the same Federer as it was 5-10 years ago. Very sad, but life is life and we can’t do anything. Let’s pay a bit tribute to GREAT Champion. Thank you to Australian Open officials for this touching movie!

My today situation recalls me the same one about 6 years ago. It was when I closed my offices in Russia, Saint-Petersburg, and arrived in Israel. I’ve closed my business in Russia, because it was not sense to do ANYTHING there. It is a pity, but all results of 8 years work went…. You know the address. But I am an optimist. No problem, will start from ZERO once more. And during couple of years all became not so bad. Good business relations with Party Gaming, huge experience in online gambling (land based experience I had before) and moving to Australia.

It was like in the movie – Internet, chat, love from first sight, moving to the bottom part of the world, new experience, new immigration, english environment, job experience, born of my son Daniel – the best moment of these pert of my life. It was very challenging and really interesting. Gambling company – trading company – transport company – ???? May be it is time to come back to the routes – Marketing and Branding? This is my profession, my basic knowledge that I’ve used and improved during the last 20 years. Just add a bit of Internet in my menu and… Marketing and Branding Consulting Company?!! Why not? That what I know! Ideas that Making Profit! It worked and it should work now. I have many interesting ideas, I have fresh sight and huge worldwide experience. What do you think – will it be enough for Australian market?

In my present situation I really can’t see any other solution. I don’t have time to apply to other jobs – need to pay mortgage and feed the family (applying for jobs take a bit more than 1 month!). Just to concentrate, put all my knowledge in one successful basket and dive into ocean of Australian business. I am sure that it will be the happiest swim in my life. I have a huge experience, I have a beautiful family, I have a brilliant health (plus I’ve quitted smoking month ago), I am changing my way of thinking every day – all will be WONDERFUL! Coordinate all efforts and create the point of attraction for WEALTH – I should earn in 2 month $500 000 (around $250 000 per month). And this is pretty REAL figure.

Let’s start. May be one more day for relaxation after very tough clinch with my previous company – in all cases it is long week end here. Happy Australia Day! Also good sign – start new Australian business in Australia Day! Great.

Ok, decision made, move forward. Success will be ours! I’ll win!

Be with me, stay with me and you’ll not regret,


P.S. Azarenka won Australian Open 2013 second consecutive time! My congratulations!

P.P.S. Wait for men final, check news HERE – www.richluckylife.com

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