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Moving to wards finals Australian Open 2013. Women one will be tomorrow – Azarenka versus…… LI NA! This is look like sensation. After brilliant start, not loosing even 1 set to opponents, Sharapova lost Li Na in straight sets! Sensation? May be. But this is Sharapova. You can expect any miracle from her. Women psychology – huge impact to the lack of stability.   Another part of psychology – racquets. Let’s watch the best moments with this main instruments of tennis players.

Just now Federer loosing 3-d set to Murray. After 1:1 in first two sets Murray made a break and now is 5:2 in 3-d set. The winner will face Djokovic in the Final. This is highlights of Day 11 – watch the best moments close to finals.

Champions are on there way and we are still here on the Earth. I am generally talking about myself. Today was finished my epopee with my job. I had beautiful 1,5 years in good company, gave them maximum (sometimes even more) that I could and today it was finished. Sadly? Yes. Challenging? Of course! Because now really starts my new life.

I don’t want to comment my divorce with my company, but can say only one thing – they made a very wise decision! Thank you guys for your wise decision – it is really the best solution in our hard situation! I gave to you all my knowledge, emotions, passion and huge part of my soul. I didn’t regret about any minute in your company, but last week was too hard for me. Still don’t understand why and what for I received that kind of attitude?!!! Thank God it was over in a normal way (after week of tension). I wish you Good Luck and Prosperity!

Now it is time to start! Real start! Start to live MY LIFE! Live as I want to live. Make my own choice and go my own way. Can’t concentrate. I was so concentrated and tensed during the last week that I can’t gather now. My life during the last month looks for me like Federer performance in present match with Murray. Ups and Downs, Ups and Downs. You concentrate and win, you relax a bit and lost. By the way it is 4-th set now and Federer made a break – 4:1 in 4-th set. (Federer lost 3-d set)

I think it will be better for all of us – for me not to write something I don’t want or don’t know, for you to read stupid set of words – to say Good Night to everybody (or Good Morning/Day/Afternoon) with hope that tomorrow I’ll feel better and will be able to produce me sensible texts.

I am sure that my idea is the best idea for now! Good Buy my dear readers. I promise not to write so senseless texts. Give me a bit of credit – I had a very tough week.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. In all cases want to recall you – you also can find my source of wise HERE – www.richluckylife.com

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