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I know you are waiting for this post! I know this. You are looking for different type of news – Australian Open and my new life. Am I guess right? I hope so.

Let’s start from Australian Open. Nothing sensational at the end, but…. Federer – Tsonga 5 sets! Federer couldn’t win Tsonga’s serve during the first 4 sets!!!! He won two of them on tie-breaks. But the 5 set was benefice of Federer! He did whatever he wants and won this match without any doubts. Watch the best moments of this battle!


Did you enjoy this? I am sure YES! And small bonus video. This is all about Novak Djokovic – Champion and Man. Just a very good short video. Enjoy!


I should mention one more thing – my Youtube subscribers. It was not anyone something about week ago and now I have about 20 subscribers! Amazing! It means that Australian Open super popular over the world. I proud to live in this city! Melbourne – the best!

Ok, let’s go back to my tough day. It was really tough. The only one problem/question is – what will be in future, for example, tomorrow. We have a very long and productive discussion – more than 3 hours! But I still have a feeling that they want throw me out! It is really tough and shocking situation for me. Because I was so deeply involved in creation of Internet promotion strategy for our new website, that I didn’t have even a second to think about my future. I was so sure that I can rely on the man’s word, that I didn’t look around for any job opportunity.

I am only one who work in the family with 2,5 kids (funny? but this is reality. Oldest one – Frank will go to high school next week, little one – Daniel, 3 years old should go to kindergarden, and I have my son in Canada, who I am paying for). In “Throwing Out” situation what can I do? Sell the house (mortgage you should pay every month. you can’t explain in bank – wait a month, please, I was thrown out from the job and should find another one), little one will not go to the kindergarden, Frank will go to high school with half of “school list” and my son Ilia in Canada will stay without swimming and mathematics. Fantastic perspective! And all these only because I was so stupid that didn’t look around, was devoted 1000% to my job. I worked for the owner as if it was MY company  I know that it sounds stupid, but I was rased in this manner – if you do something you should do it in the best possible manner! Honesty today is not in favor!

One moment in todays discussion still surprises me. I was blamed many and many times that I’ve done some work for my personal needs during official work-time. Yes, I’ve made couple of posts, received and sent certain amount of emails. May be it took in total 12-14 hours in Year and a Half of my work. The question is following – what about numerous discussions that could continue up to 8-9pm easily! And it wasn’t once or twice. If we try to count these “long days/hours” it wouldn’t be less than 100 additional hours. I am talking here about working during my annual leave and sick leave. They pretended not to hear my words about this. It Is The Most Hurtful! You loose generally ALL in your only because you stupid loyalty! Good lesson for future for me and for all of you, my dear followers!

Tomorrow should be one of the most important days in my life. Or I’ll loose ALL, or God will give me a chance to stay where I am and will give me a short time frame to get out. If I would asked this question 20 years ago I woud answer NO – this is finish and no trust, no God, etc. I was an atheist and believed only in … I don’t know what was my faith. But now I can say – all God’s will! I am 1000% honest in front of me, infront of my company, infront of God. Will see.

Enough about the sad. Cheer up (this is I am telling to myself and to you) and check Lucky Rich Team. I am uploading one more interesting piece of stuff – simple E-commerce website. For those of you who are just starting your trade way in internet this video will be extremely helpful.

See you tomorrow (I hope so…)

Sincerely yours….

P.S. As usual – I am also HERE –


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