Guys, 1-st day of second month and I still here! It is remarkable situation.

Let’s start from Australian Open and the main sensation of this tournament (till now). Serena Williams is OUT! And not from Sharapova or Azarenko, from 29-th seed girl Sloane Stephens from USA. Look how emotional it was:

Yes, even great champions sometimes can’t cope with situation. It is a pity, but semifinals will be without one of the women favorites. In men part of the tournament there are no sensations till now. All seeded players still in according to there ranks. It is very likely that it will be Federer (2) – Murray(3) and Djokovic(1) – Ferrer(4) which will lead to Great Final Federer – Djokovic. We have another couple of day until we’ll know it 100%. At the end – traditional highlights, Day 9.

Now it is time to return back to our sinful earth. Stars are in Melbourne park and we are around. Not far from them but still not in the middle of attention. Sure it will be fixed in a couple of years. If EN will still alive at that time – you’ll know about this among the first. If no – I’ll redirect you to the right source.

It will be very interesting day tomorrow! I am very exited about it. It should show some new sides of my character and prove myself that I’ll reach ALL my goals! It so obvious – when person is so dedicated and honest towards business he is doing – it can’t be that he was not rewarded! Invest time, money, SOLE to somebody else business and receive what I’ve received… It is just funny. Let’s smile and go further. My main goal is to finalise what I’ve started and then…. Owner is owner (with his adviser) – he will decide what he wants.

Ok, this will be tomorrow – I’ll keep you posted. Till tomorrow EN will be alive 1000%! (in the worst case scenario I’ll lose one follower….) Life is beautiful! So many good signs I’ve received during last week that it can’t be wrong. I’ve spent so much time with my little 3 years old son – this is the MEANING, MAIN IDEA of our life. I feel sorry for people who do not understand this.

I have a school mate, we were in one school about 3 years from grade 8 till grade 10. In Soviet Union was 10 years education. We lost each other for may be 15 years, but occasionally met in the russian analoge of Facebook (Classmates). He become a very rich person till today. I don’t know how much he is worth in money equivalent, but I know that he can live in Paris in 5 star hotel for half a year, flight, drive around the Europe during this half a year and still will have pocket money! Try to calculate his wealth yourself. But I am not talking about this. When we met first time about 5 years ago he was single man without any intention to become a family man, become a father, etc. He just enjoyed life. But couple of years ago he met “his woman”! Beautiful girl who explained him real meaning of human life. Today he is an extremely happy father of 4 month girl. When I spoke with him 4 days ago I couldn’t even recognise his voice at the beginning – so happy he was and he is! He decided to immigrate and they are looking for the appropriate country. He thought about this before, but only huge miracle – little baby girl – could push him to do this. Not for him, for his daughter!

Our kids are the best that we may have in life! Read this sentence several time, please, until you’ll feel it with every cell of your body! The rest is nothing! It really helps me to look forward with optimism and happiness! I have THREE kids and nobody (hear me – nobody) can spoil there life. I am here, I am bodyguard of my kids and my family. They will be happy, healthy and EXTREMELY WEALTHY!

I’ll be here tomorrow to tell you the whole story.

Buy for now,


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