Hello everybody! Today is remarkable day – 1 month of my blogging!

Every day without any excuses – day, night, morning – I am here to write something. I’ve committed to do this and I am doing this. I am very dedicated, honest and responsible person (to someone who has doubts). And this is only the beginning, only the first month!

Ok, some news from Australian Open. Ferrer  and Djokovic in semifinals, Sharapova and Li Na also in semifinals. I am pretty sure that Sharapova is somewhere close to the record – she lost less than 10 games till now – it is 2 matches left. Interesting, maybe it will be a record? Or somebody just won Australian Open without loosing any games?! Will see. For now, some highlights from day 8.

I also played tennis today. It was my first  game since my partner started to treat his leg. I’ve missed about 2 weeks. My partner gave me the phone of somebody with whom I played today. He is not bad player, but I’ve lost him 6:7 (4:7 tiebreak). We played only one set – I just did not have the strength. In the middle of the set I felt total exhaustion! I couldn’t move on court – how he didn’t win faster I can’t understand. Nervous, nervous, nervous! They took so much strength! It is better to work physically 10-12 hours every day, neither waiting for something! Especially when you don’t understand what are you waiting for and why all this happened (another remark – to whom it may concern…. he’ll understand). By the way my today’s tennis partner have one biography feature in common with me – he is also was born in country that doesn’t exist now. He was born in Czechoslovakia (now it is Check and Slovak republics) and I was born in Soviet Union – now it is Russia. But I am more ‘specific’! I was born in the city that doesn’t exist now! I was born in Leningrad – now it is Saint-Petersburg.

Can’t tell you much more about today – just routine work, study traffic, finalise strategy for website promotions, couple of test email campaigns. But in general I just understand overal strategy. Of course, there are many tactical nuances with every website and product but it is about 20% of the whole subject. And this 20% will be in every new business – just percentage of adaptation (do you understand what I am talking about? I hope so…).

Woww! It is just 12:15am! I need to get up at 6am tomorrow and still have to do couple of things in Internet! Think it is time to say you Good Buy! See you, hear you, write to you tomorrow. I hope that I’ll have strength to recall some interesting stories from my life tomorrow. It was long time ago when I shared them with you.

With hope for the better and justice I leave you for today.

Sincerely yours,


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