Hello everybody from New Year 2013!

When I am writing this post it is 12:30am Melbourne time. 30 minutes in New Year! We watched beautiful firework from Sydney – it was amazing! New Year, New Life, New Feelings! I am so exited!

Till now it is the hardest post I’ve ever wrote. Sounds funny, isn’t it? It is my 9-th post in my life and just “the hardest”. But try to imagine – New Year eve, night – time to celebrate, drink, chat and you have to sit and write something. I think that this is a real meaning of word “commitment”.  You told yourself that you SHOULD do it every day and you HAVE to do it everyday. Doesn’t matter what’s going on – you don’t want, you tired, you feel bad – you HAVE TO do this. Only this way you can change your life, crash old habits, push your borders. It is easy to start – only one post per day, only 30 minutes – it is nothing, because you wasting much more time in your life. But when you start it, the hardest moment arrive very soon (tired, middle of the night, tomorrow early get up, etc.) and you should fight it! Tell yourself – I made a commitment and even one missing day through you back for weeks. You are the owner of your own word. And if you are a real man – you should strictly follow your decisions.

Speaking from the future – from 2013 – I want to tell you that this is a beautiful year! It is much, much better that 2012 (although it was not so bad, there were many good and important things). I can see tonnes of good things, lots of luck and happiness, huge amount of wealth! Do what you have to do and you’ll receive whatever you want! I wish all this to everybody! Moreover – I know it for sure because I just in 2013 and can see it myself!

Your guest from future,



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