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Today is the 1-st day of my 2-nd week blogging! And it is 1 day until New Year 2013! Another year passing, good time to look back and put some important points together.

It was a tough but very interesting and fascinating year. It was started for me with decision to by our own house. Enough paying rent, trow out money to the air. Decision was very firm, but without any financial fundament. We started to look for house and found what we’ve wanted! Not big, but very cute 2 storey townhouse in very nice suburb. We loved it from the first glance. Second trick – find finance. It took me about 2 month, but I was successful in this case – deposit paid, mortgage received and…. On the 2-nd of May 2012 we moved to our NEW HOUSE! Fantastic, Marvellous, Fascinating! Another proof to Law of Nature – you’ll receive whatever you want, but you have to WISH it from the bottom of your HEART!

Next brilliant moment of 2012 is my mother and eldest son visited me in August. My mother lives in Israel and my eldest son lives in Canada (with my first wife). I didn’t see him about 4 years! It was very touchable meeting. We spent 1 month together, travelled all around Melbourne, playing, talking walking….. You know, it is really hard when you see your son once in 4 years! And this meeting pushed me to another decision – change something in my life in order to have ability to travel and see my family more often (mother in Israel, son in Canada). But in August it was only the first thought about changing life.

The last important milestone in 2012 was my firm decision and START in reality of my NEW LIFE! I can’t remember the exact date, but it was something about the end of November. On 27-th of November was 3-d Birthday of my son – Daniel. We celebrated it not huge, but in very warm family circle. Next day we went to hairdresser to make Daniel first hair cut – in jewish religion we don’t cut the hair until 3 years old. It was shocking challenge in his appearance – he immediately become older, started looking like grown up boy. or me it was different person. It took couple of day to get used to his new appearance. Next day on playing ground my wife even didn’t recognised him! New person, new son – new life! My decision was unshakable.

I’ve changed my routine, my schedule, attitude – nearly all my previous habits should went away. Of course, not immediately, not in one day, but step by step, habit by habit I am trying to substitute old “pour” habit to new “wealthy” one! How hard it is! When you try to establish new coordinate system, set new priorities, choose new way – your brain really become your main obstacle on this way. Here you start to understand that before THIS NEW POINT (your firm decision) your brain was your owner, but not you! You’ve done all that your brain wanted. And now, when you start to reconsider things your brain doesn’t want it! You should be very firm in your decision! Only your will and passion may lead you to the new horizons and new life. I am on this way!

Today I am adding 1-st (out of 3) videos of Bob Proctor seminar “You were born rich!” These videos inspired me to start new life and help me now on my way to new life – FULL OF HEALTH, HAPPINESS, WEALTH and PROSPERITY! I highly recommend you to watch this seminar. I’ll add another parts shortly. I am sure that it will help you to improve something in your life or, may be, even change you entire life.

My very best wishes to all of you!

P.S. I recommend you to look back (it is enough time yet) and mark your milestones in 2012. Pick up the most exiting moments with you to the new year.

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