Hello from Melbourne!

It was beautiful cold Saturday here, waiting for the summer!

I am looking on my Clickbank account and feel myself on the top of the heaven. I’ve started Internet Maketing just a month ago and have not bad results – about $600 in sales! Amazing, aren’t it? And another reason for proud – it is my 7-th day of blogging! I am still blogging! Can’t belive in this!

Experiencing all this fantastic feelings and changes  in my life I recall my first victory in tennis tournament. It was many, many years ago – in 1979, year before Olympic games in Moscow, USSR. It was a pretty big tournament – were players from all 15 USSR republics. Interesting, how many people, mostly young ones, remember this monster – USSR? It was an awful place (to be really honest – modern Russia not much better). But we not talking about politics, I am about WINNIG.

More than 100 players attended the tournament. I’ve started with couple of pretty easy matches, but in quarterfinal it was a very tough game. We played 3 full sets and it took us about 2,5 hours! Don’t forget – we were 9-10 years old! After this match everybody thought that I don’t have any chances in next round. Semifinal was on the next day and my opponent win his match very comfortable. But I felt the great taste of VICTORY.

Next day I run on court like crazy, I hit back almost every ball, my opponent was crashed! Less than an hour match was ended. It was a remarkable victory. But it was a comma, not a point. I should do one more step – FINAL.

I didn’t sleep nearly whole night. I was so nervous and excited that can’t give myself a bit of rest. I was too young to understand many things that I understand now. For me it was crucial point – to be or not to be! (How good we were when we were young! I wish to have the same attitude to my business today as I had to simple tennis tournament)

It was Sunday, 1pm when we started playing. I couldn’t feel anything – didn’t see court, ball, didn’t feel racquet. First set was fast and disappointed – 0:6 in 25min. It was a shame! Spectators started to laugh. But I shouldn’t do anything. Second set started without any changes – 0:3 and ……

Here became a moment of truth. I told myself – STOP! You’ve done a lot amount of work, you survived 3 hours match 2 days ago and you’ll stop 1 step before the podium? NO, NO, NO!!!! Forget about ALL, look at the ball and hit it as it is your last hit in your life! It will not be anything after this match – or you win or you….

And I sank in the silence. I didn’t see people around, opponent, ANYTHING! Only me and ball. Every hit was the last and most important. I was like robot: hit – run, hit – run, serve – net – hit, serve – net – hit. I was inside myself with my dream and passion. I woke up from the explosion of applause – all spectators stood and cried! I was on my way to serve and couldn’t understand what happend?!! But this was an HAPPY END! I didn’t need to serve – I WON!!! 0:6, 6:3, 6:0 – final score. It was my FIRST VICTORY in life and I 100% deserved it!

I still remember this final and my feelings – from total frustration to full concentration, when you don’t see anything except your GOAL. It is only possible way to achieve whatever you want. Put your goal in fron of you, concentrate on it, forget about all disturbing things around and DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! It doesn’t matter that you may be not yet a super professional in your business. You passion and faith will help you to overcome all circumstances and become a successful professional.

Follow your wishes, apply your work and don’t hear sceptics around you. VICTORY will be yours! And such “small” but very important achievements in your life (like my first win on tennis tournament)  will create a huge basis for your incredible succes in life.

My best wishes to you in all your ventures,


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