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Another great day and Friday! I love Friday. It means that you have weekend in front of you. And HArd Monday is not near yet.
But this depends on what are you doing. If you LOVE your job, you busy life Friday may be a good stop point to set up thoughts, make a deep sigh to understand better what you’ll do next week.
And Friday is also start of Shabbat in Judaism, day when when you shouldn’t do ANY job. Just relax, pray and enjoy life. My short story will be connected with Shabbat.
We immigrated to Israel more than 20 years ago. Flight was long and a bit complicated. From Russia to Hungary, stay in Budapesht, then to Israel. We arrived in Ben-Gurion Airport on Friday evening – Shabbat. That time it was really holy day for Israel – all business were closed, no public transport, not…. You can move only if you have your own car or walking.
For new immigrants were organised autobuses to bring us to the hotel until the end of Shabbat. We arrived to hotel, went to our rooms and falt asleep. Try to imagine – about 50 hours without normal sleep (couple of hours in plane), change 3 countries, at the edge of the totally new life… Only sleep and forget about all. Tomorrow will be tomorrow. Need to mention that it was middle of December. In USSR and Hungary it was cold winter – about -15-20C -we were packed with winter clothes.
Early morning in Tel-Aviv. 7am at the morning. Yesterday was winter, planes, crowds of people, laggage. I walked to the window and stood in silent shock! Brilliant blue sky, rising sun, green palms, yellow sand and azure sea. I opened window and entered the balcony. Temperature was about +25C and it was 7am! I’ve heard SILENCE and sound of SEA! It was unbelievable feelings. I remember then for the rest of my life! Heaven, Paradise – no words to explain what happend inside young man of age 20! All life changed in ONE night! You went to sleep in one world and get up in another. These moments are life basis for every person. Moments of highest pleasure and happiness! Moments that symbolise START of NEW LIFE! New life for sure will be much better and happier than previous. The main thing – not to change direction, be persistant in what you doing and NEVER look back! Your past is PAST. We should live in future and our HAPPY future based on these moments like on huge pillars!
I wish you safe Shabbat, good weekend and more and more these beautiful pillars to hold tight your future!

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