Hello, hello, I am still here and this is Day4.

Till now it is the latest post that I’ve wrote -1:30am. Let’s see what my head can produce in this late/early time! Hope you still can read this.

I’ve promised to start with some histories from my life and here the first one. This will be the story “How to Attract Money – My first experience”.

It happend long age, I was about 14 years old. We were on river cruise with my parents and parents friends. It was summer, cruise along river Volga in Russia (at that time it was USSR). On the 2-d or 3-d day of the cruise we rested on the upper deck after the dinner. It was very pleasant hot afternoon, sun was shining, water was blue and still. We were calm and enjoyed life!

Suddenly group of 6-7 drunk people appeared on the same deck. They were really drunk, very loud and exited. They finished one more Champaign bottle,  through it into the river and… It wasn’t enough for them. They searched for some more feats. And found it! The aim was – summer chairs. It were many of them on the deck and they started to through them out – one, two, three… I counted about 7. We sat in silence and just watched at this orgy. They finished there exercises and disappeared. All scene was about 5 min.

My parents went downstairs and I sat alone with one of there friend – his name was Lev. We enjoyed view and weather and completely forgot about this incident. 10 min later man from “the drunk group” appeared on the desk. He looked around, found us by his site and approached to Lev.

– We are so sorry for this awful incident, for our bad behaviour  Can you, please, forgive us and forget about this.

– No problem, we didn’t see anything, all may happen, – replied Lev

– Thank you very much for your kindness! And can you, please, accept this 800 rub as a kind of compensation, – answered this man and gave 800 rub to Lev.

Here I should mention, that 800 rub in USSR at that time was a HUGE money. Enough to say that the average MONTHLY salary was about 150 rub, and person who earn 500 per month was really RICH!

Funny enough that my parents disappeared from the deck 5 min before this. I explain why it is funny and very important for me (especially now). My parents were average citizens with average salary. I was taught from childhood that I need to work hard to feed the family and survive this life. And parent’s friend – Lev – was really RICH person. He didn’t go to work (from 8 till 5), he enjoyed life, made different kinds of businesses (business was banned in USSR) and ATTRACTED money! I was shocked by this incident and many, many years couldn’t understand what happend on that day.

But now I understand the truth! If you LIVE, enjoy LIFE, think positive and have an OPEN mind – money will FILL you UP!!! You will attract money in all spheres of your life. All your deals, all your ideas, all your dreams will bring you more and more money!

I wish you in New Year POSITIVE THINKING, OPEN MIND and real HAPPINESS! All these will bring you tons of money and unlimited JOY.

My best wishes,


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