Hi everyone!

This is the 3-d day of my new life and by the way it is Christmas. Not my holiday, but I want to wish Merry Christmas!

I wish everybody to live in peace, love, health and prosperity!

As for me I am going further with my new life and blog. It seems very easy at the beginning – just find half an hour a day to post something. But when you commit to this, especially at the beginning, really hard to put yourself in front of the computer and tell: You have to write daily blog/news. Period!

I’ve launch today a very successful campaign – I took 2 offers and put ads on ad classified.   I didn’t expect so huge outcome, especially at Christmas day, but till now I have about 200 leads and 2 sells!!! Incredible for newbie in IM like me. I am very happy! And the most important part of this, that I’ve created these ads, posted them and…. went to play tennis, then enjoyed time with my little son (3 years old), spent time with family…. Then, at the evening I’ve checked records and – you just know what happend! Fantastic business!

But I don’t think that I can blog every day about my IM steps. What can I write about? I thought about this whole day and decided following:

I have a very interesting life. I lived in many different countries, created some brands, organised many interesting projects, etc. I think that my experience may be interesting for somebody. Start from tomorrow I’ll put every day 1 story from my life. You’ll read or not, enjoy or not, but I am sure that some of you may find some stories cognitives and helpful in your life. At the end – experience is experience and wisest people on our planet prefer to study from someone else experience in order to avoid stupid mistakes.

I hope it will help you walk through your life more easier!

Sincerely yours,


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