Hi, hi, hi! Hope everyone is good! Saturday is a great day!

Not many shocking news from Australian Open 2013 – Sharapova, Federe, Ferer, Djokovic in the next round. As it was predictable. Just short highlights video:

There are some days in our life when nothing much is happening. Relaxation days. You enjoy time with your family, kids. These days are the best days of our life!

Really, think about this. Days when you through out all good/bad/rite/wrong thoughts from your mind and just enjoy life! Beautiful nature – as it was today – we went to Dandenong Rangers National Park and walked there about 4-5 hours. We made a 6 km route – with 3 years old boy, my wife and oldest son. Up and down the hills, it was hot and windy, sometimes hard! But it was fantastic – I forgot about all problems that we have and simply enjoyed being with my family, enjoyed physical stuff, 1000 years nature.

Then we fed parrots. It is a beautiful attraction. They are sitting on you, attacking you – just give them some special food. There are 2 major types of parrots there – big white ones and small/middle red/green cockatoos. They are so friendly! Crowds of people gathering around to make a photo, shoot video, just feed them. This is unforgettable experience. If you planning to visit Fentree Gully. Spend couple of hours, take a look at this – you will not regret!

Back at home at the evening. Cup of my favorite strong expresso, walk with the dog – great day! Now sitting and writing this blog I am watching french duel – Simon – Monfis. Another set point for Monfis. Let’s have a close look…. 1min still playing….. opsss…. another set point saved (3-th set point). 4-th set point!!! They playing so long rallies!!! 2-3 min each ball!!!  YeeeeSSS He won – 6:4!!!

Now I can go further with my blog. But nothing left – no news, no information. Just for report – I am in the middle of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. Very hard to read – English is not my native language – I understand that for native speakers it is fantastik language, but I am struggling a bit. That is the main reason why I still didn’t finish this book.

Unfortunately it will not be enough time for Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich. Only meditation time and Main Goal description. I think it is a good time for one more commitment – I’ll finish with You Were Born Rich workbook during next week! I should do this. Just think that I should do this about a week, but still didn’t move. That’s all – next week will be final. I should move further.

Ok, it is 22:20 now in Melbourne, tomorrow we’ll go for another ride – Quality Family Time (I am really enjoy spend time with my little Daniel and whole family)! Now I need to finalize some working aspects – meditation, main goal, may be a bit of seminar. Will see.

See you tomorrow,

Yours Leonid

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