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Sharapova – Williams 6:1, 6:3. Not bad but it was Vinus not Serena. Will see how it will go further. Hope that she’ll be in final, where Azarenka will be the opponent.

You can watch some highlights of the day. We are closer to the most interesting moments of Australian Open 2013.


First full day of my completely new life. Out of work, trying to cooperate and work out strong plans for nearest future. Couple of letters to Silverback – just to finalise all nuances and… Really it was very calm day. I should use to my new schedule (first of all I need to create it) and follow it in future.

I have to do so many things in such a short period of time! Start all from zero, push to the next level and forget about the past. The hardest part is to change it in my mind. Seminar by Bob Proctor, Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, meditations – so many efforts – it should bring me to success.

I should also tell about my will power. I gave up smoking about 2 weeks ago. All was ok, it wasn’t any problems or complications. But last 2 days were so stressful, so hard and tense, that…. I didn’t start smoke! It was hard, I really want to smoke (because sometimes you can’t do anything – only smoke or drink). You are in stupor – can’t think, can’t do anything. And only will power that dictates – change your thoughts, start thinking constructively, positively. Switch off your anger, start positive thinking.

Ok, I became a bit close to my first goal. I spoke with 4 potential employees, tomorrow I’ll send them all information and will arrange meeting on Monday. Another thing – office. Interesting suggestion – fully furnished offices in fantastic buildings – start from $200 per week. Not so bad. The cheapest thing that I could find till now was about $170 per week without anything. I’ll check this on Monday. I have a meeting in Queens building Queens road.

What else about today – not much happened, not much done. Aaaaa, there is one good and very exiting news! This is news from Israel, from my mother. They found apartments and should sign a contract next week! It is so good – they spent last half a year in looking for something to buy in Tel-Aviv. And all efforts were unsuccessful! Or they could find what they wanted, or price was to high, or lawyer at the very last moment told that there are problems with particularly this apartments. And now, in this case all should be ok, owner agreed, lawyer agreed, they like this apartment and…. Couple of days and they will become owners of Tel-Aviv – Yafo apartment! Hoorraaayyy! I am so happy for my mother! She really deserved this. It was her dream – apartments in Tel-Aviv. 15 years of her life in Israel she told herself that this is impossible. They lived in Lod about 12 years, then sold flat there and rented in Tel-Aviv. From that very moment she started to convince herself that there is nothing impossible to live in Tel-Aviv. Moreover, she can even buy something in Tel-Aviv.

2013 – 24-th year of our immigration. Dreams Come True! I know this. I am sure that all my dreams also become true, not in 24 years, in 2-3 years time. Thank you God!

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