Hi my dear readers!

Today was really tough day but I am happy how I survived it. I’ll explain this situation to you and you can make your own conclusions.

I’ve worked as a Marketing and brand manager in company Silverback Cargo Care. By the way before I’ve started my job there it was called Silverback Cargo Equipment. I’ve invested in this company year and the half of my life. I’ve created new name, wrote a concept, suggested couple of strategies, company turn over increased more than 30%. We implemented SAP database, created new corporate style, started new E-commerce website. I’ve spent there as many time as it was needed without counting hours and days. We could discuss company problems up to 8 – 9pm. And next day I was at work at 8am. Just to mention – this is NOT MY company.

We discussed with the owner – Steve Baker – many different topics. I’ve tried to give him as many knowledge as I have – and I have about 20 years of experience. At the beginning General Manager of the company – Dave Crooks – also was involved in these discussions. We tried to work out strategy, create right structure, fix the vision and mission. But very soon he understood that we have completely different vision about the future of company. Owner – Steve Baker – wants to create huge company which will serve all Australia and overseas. But his friend  – Dave – was and is completely satisfied with existing situation. There is a job, company, owner/friend, free to perform whatever you want. What else he needs to do? Paradise!

I was stucked. We continued to talk about different tasks and ideas with owner, but it was not any movement. We were stucked! GM doesn’t want, owner doesn’t have will to do something. I was at the dead end. I had to come up with a job for myself. And I’ve decided to put my efforts into the Internet. The last thing that I had to do – website and I decided to invest in it all my efforts. I’ve bought course about Internet traffic and advertising (here I should be honest – when owner Steve knew about this he paid me for this course). This course gave and still give me a lot of knowledge about promotion in the Internet. But it is theory. And I’ve decided to work out strategy that would be applicable to our – Silverback Cargo Care – E-commerce website. During last month I’ve invested $3467 of my OWN money just to test different ads, ideas, techniques. I’ve bought couple of websites, ordered blogs and designes, different banners and landing pages, started to blog (invest my OWN time every evening). All this as you understand cost money. Nobody will create you website free of charge, you can’t find advertising network that will allow you some test ads free. Every step – pay money. And I paid, never asked my boss to compensate me anything.

Result of my work was great. Now I have 80% proof strategy of how to promote Silverback website! I’ve told it to the owner (Steve) week ago. Moreover –  I’ve made a WRITTEN COMMITMENT to him, that in 6 month 50% of our sales will be through our new website! It was a week ago. And today…..

At the morning I was asked to enter GM room where he showed me list of my websites that I’ve used to proof strategy for Silverback. He was spying on me and without any questions he blamed me that I am stealing there time and equipment (computer, internet), make money for myself during workday in Silverback. If $3467 investment is stealing – yes, I am thief! He even didn’t bother to ask me questions, give me a time to explain something. Just gave the letter and told me to write reply on it and invited to next meeting in a week! After this I was thrown out of the office. But it is not so much hurt – I’ve seen worth things.

The worst thing is owner – Steve Baker. He is an owner. We spoke with him many times about different things concerning company well being. Yesterday we discussed with him and another employee one of the my ideas how to improve our container department. They were exited about this idea! And this man didn’t even open his mouth during this 5 min “show”! When he was need an advice – he asked me, consulted with me, etc. But when was time to make a decision (not his decision, decision of his friend GM), he just loose all his courage! He couldn’t even say any word as a MAN! He was NOTHING in this GM “performance”. Don’t have courage to talk and explain or just ask some explanation. What company he wants to build?!!!

I am 100% sure that Steve Baker and Dave Crooks will read this post (in Dave I am sure 1000% – he wants to follow his “victory”). I want to say you guys Good Luck! I wish you prosperity, health, all the best that you can wish yourself! I do not hold a grudge against you and wish you all the best. But from now our roads diverged. I will be the first who congratulate Steve when his company become Number 1 on Australian market! Good Luck!

Sorry for this mess of emotions, but it is also part of new life,


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