Hallo ihr alle! (Today is German day)

Monday is a hard day! A bit cold but still comfortable in Melbourne. But the most important thing here is Australian Open! Today is the first day of the first Grand Slam in the year!

Some results of the first day:

Sharapova – Puchkova 6:0, 6:0 – smash-up!

Stosur – Kai-Chen 7:6, 6:3 – hard but going further

V.Williams – Voskoboeva 6:1, 6:0 – favourites are Favourites!

Djokovich just started and Hewitt will play at the evening.

Enjoy the First Grand Slam event of the year. Visit Australian Open official site to check the latest results and other information – http://www.ausopen.com

But these are BIG events. We are a bit lower for now. I’ll be involved in Australian Open much more next year. My little one will be 4 years old and we’ll start to play and watch big tennis. It is amazing sport! As you maybe know, I’ve played tennis for 12 years (from 1-st Grade in school till 2-nd year in University). I love this sport. It is so intellectual, so dynamic and developing. My little one will play it definitely!

My first year in Australia we went to the Australian Open Final. It was an unforgettable experience! Federer versus Nadal – classic match for the beginning of the 21-st century. It was time when Nadal became to challenge Federer from Number 1 position in the world. They were too close to each other (Djokovich at that time was Number 3 without any doubts – loosing both Federer and Nadal). 5 Sets, nearly 5 hours and crying Federer at the end! I don’t think that I had so strong emotions before. It was my first time on Grand Slam finals and I am sure that not the last. Next year we’ll go without any doubts!

Today also Birthday for my Lucky Rich Team – team, which will help everybody to overcome life difficulties, earn money, find new ways in life and much much more. It will be an Ambulance for people who need help in life! What to do, how to do, where to find, where to go and…. more and more. Ask you questions, ask for any type of help – here in comments or in Lucky Rich Team section – you’ll be answered in 24 hours! This is our promise – answer in 24 hours (7 days per week)!

I can also add one more small milestone here. Today I’ve started rebranding process of my website Portal MAZAL. I think that this is just 4-th reincarnation of this project. But with this version we’ll move much further – up to $3 000 000 income per year, starting in 2013. I don’t think that it will be the final version but I am 1000% sure that it will be the MOST PROFITABLE version up to NOW! I’ve put an order, paid 50% and in 2 weeks time I’ll show you my NEW business. On this stage I cut all my connections to Russia! I’ve struggled about a year, I paid about $10K and still don’t have normal working website! Enough is enough! Here for $300 I’ll receive properly working website with all basic features that I need. And all these features will work properly!!! Time to decide and earn money. My commitment of $3 000 000 this year doesn’t leave me huge amount of time for thinking and relaxing.

Look, this Monday is very Productive for me. I hope the same for the rest of the week. I am not hope – I am sure! It means that I am on the way, on the right way to my GOAL. My family will be proud of me!

While I wrote this post Djokovic won 1-st set and lead in the 2-nd (6:2, 3:2) – final result tomorrow. I’ll review every day the most interesting matches of Australian Open.

See you on court,


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