Zdravstvujte, moi dorogie! (This is Russian – Hello, my dear!)

We are in the middle of the first month of 2013. I don’t think that it is time to look for some achievements, but it is good time to make some more commitments and reinforced old once. I’ll start one by one:

1. Write one post EVERY DAY! Till today I’ve done it without missing single day. Sometimes it was very easy, sometimes hard but I am on my way! If I’ve decided I MUST do this.

2. This is my new decision. Make one GOOD thing per day. It may be physical help, it may be proper advice, it may be warm compliment, etc. Whatever may rise a smile on somebody’s face, help in every aspect of the life – all GOOD DEALS will be done – at home, at work, over the Internet. I’ll create special page to this commitment. You can follow on this day by day. The same will be related to each member of my team – it will be GOOD DEAL by Lucky Rich Team. Grand Opening – Next week (in couple of hours).

3. I quitted smoke! It was week ago when I’ve decided – I want to test myself. I never ever thought about give up smoking. It was my strong habit from 16 years old (something about 27 years!). But now I’ve decided to demonstrate myself – I have A WILL! A WILL to do whatever I want. You know, when you state such thing you should start from yourself. And I’ve done it! Just smoked my last pipe at the evening and…. That’s all. I still have enough tobacco and mini cigars at home. But didn’t touch them from that moment!

4. Lucky Rich Team. Today is the birthday of this wonderful Team! I’ve created it in my head when we walked in Royal Botanic Gardens today. It was a very nice walk – 4 hours of fresh air, nice people, lovely family and my little son! Feed swans, look on swimming tortillas, ducks eating from hands – beautiful life. I understood that I want be inside this life 24/7 and I want create/build/organise/collect my team to enjoy this life. Lucky Rich Team! We’ll change the attitude towards life and life will smile to us every moment!

5. I commit to organize my life. I am trying to do it just now, but I want to commit – until March it will be totally different life. I want to be persistant on couple of ideas/businesses and don’t jump from one way to another. Stop it. I want to master my affiliate business – I couldn’t do it for 5 years. Time to finalise it! March 2013 – Grand Opening of Portal MAZAL as business company – with office and employees.

I think that it may be enough for not a full month. 5 major paragraphs. No, I decide to do 1 more commitment! Every week I’ll summarise what I’ve done in these ways. Just a short report – couple of good advices, still not smoking, made 1 interview with potential employee. Really short review of weekly deals. In order to organise myself and follow my own efforts.

I wish you a good and productive week!


P.S. Highly recommend to check updates also HERE – www.richluckylife.com and Join Lucky Rich Team!

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