Shalom hevrey! (Hi guys on Hebrew)

What we can talk about today? Sometimes, some days it is really hard to find a theme. I feel that today is exactly this kind of day. Walking along the sea, playing with my beautiful son Daniel, dining with a fantastic sea view – what else can be in life? Are there any problems, any topics for discussions, complaints? NOTHING! Just absolute HAPPINESS! Full harmony in life. How beautiful it sounds and how miraculés it in reality! I am grateful for every day in my life, especially for this one.

Can share with you my plans for tomorrow – Sunday. As usual – get up 6:30, walk with dog and Bob Proctor, emails, ad classified, my family start to get up, some more work – need to decide on my new website. There are 2 possible suppliers – need to choose one, hard topic. Then we’ll go somewhere for a work. May be the same route – along the sea, depends on weather. Enjoy, breath fresh air, prepare myself to 5 working days…

I can tell you honestly – it is NEW ME. Sounds weird? Also for me. But I wasn’t so dedicated to any idea, thing, person, business in my life, as I am trying to follow my main directions now. Main directions are – family and business. I am preparing to open (reopen, back to the routs) my own business and don’t want to loose my family, missed up great moments of my son growing. It is appears really hard to divide myself, my efforts between these two directions. The problem is concentration. When you are with family, you are thinking about the business – what can you do, new ideas, how to entertain, etc. When you concentrating on business – thoughts about family, how they are, what Danik is doing now….

The main goal for the first stage – learn to concentrate! 100% in business and 100% in rest! I understand that it will give me a huge push in productivity, but…. implement this. Need time, will and courage. I sure I have all these components. Day by day I understand that I become better and better. You can follow me in this new way to new life. Sometimes it may seems boring, sometimes funny, stupid, but this is life with ups and downs. Follow me and may be one day you also decide to change something in YOUR life. Hope that my dairy may help you and encourage for new steps.

It is nearly Sunday here in Melbourne. Couple of month ago 11:30pm, especially on Friday and Saturday, was the most active time for me. I’ve just started my life in this time. Consequently, next day would start at 12:00 – 1:00pm. I’ve missed so much! And now this time (11:30pm) for me is an alarm to go to bed – tomorrow will be a beautiful morning! I’ll start working at 8:00am and will do a lot before my family awake. Good time! I think that I should start my day with blog, not to leave it to the end of the day. What do you think? Not bad idea and I’ll try it tomorrow. Will see, may be it will work.

This is all for today, thank you. I wish you a Good night and a wonderful Sunday! Just to feed you with a bit of cheerfulness and optimism – Best Cat Compilation video. Enjoy!


Talk tomorrow,



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