Hi guys, hot in Melbourne – +38C! Good weather to talk about building websites!

I personally struggled a lot at the beginning when started to do something online, even when started blogging here. That is why I want to share with you step by step guide – How To Start Online. Share with you some very useful services and softwares, just to help you start earning money online. Ok, let’s start!

You are newbie and want to start with Internet Marketing, earn money online. For example, you decided to start with blogging, like Empower Network or your own blog. Good idea, easy thing to start with. Here are couple of programs/blocks that can help you on this way:

1. Gravatar.com – Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site? Absolutely FREE, create whatever you want (I would recommend put real photo and real information) and this information will follow you all over the Internet. You don’t need to add any info about you n comments, posts, etc. Very useful thing.

2. Contactme.com – 

ContactMe is an easy-to-use contact and task management tool that helps you:

  • Consolidate and manage your contacts
  • Track your tasks, deadlines, meetings, and more
  • Attract more leads
  • Save valuable time

ContactMe lets you consolidate all of your contacts—and the business information that relates to each one—into one convenient, online system. ContactMe keeps you on top of tasks, deadlines, details, correspondence, and appointments. Being organized has major benefits: you save time and effort and run a more professional and profitable business.

Beautiful add on, organiser, etc. Absolutely FREE (first levels), but it will enough for you free features for the beginning. Highly recommend to install it in your blog. You can see an example of my Contacts here.

3. Autoresponders. Here I can recommend you 2 different programs – Aweber and Response Magic. I will not discuss pluses and minuses of these 2 programmes – you can easily check it yourself on there websites (just click on the names and you’ll be redirected to there websites). One thing – Response Magic absolute free, Aweber starts from $19 per month. Not a bid deal, but totally your decision. Your money – your free choice!

4. Create a team or become a part of somebody team! It is the most important step that you can do in Internet! You are newbie, don’t know anything and every “online profi” will sell you Magic Money Machines, CAsh Making Miracles, etc. This is Bull Shit! Don’t trust miracles. Trust people. Find yourself a guru, mentor – person who you can trust – and start learning. Don’t start with perfect things – you can’t start with perfection. But you need to start with something. You’ll make many mistakes, but it will be your mistakes and your experience. Experience the most important thing in your life!

Don’t afraid to make something wrong – it is ok, because without this you can’t move forward. Let’s learn together. Let’s start earning money. You should OPEN your mind in order to move forward and earn HUGE amount of money.

My suggestion: let’s be together. Join my LuckyRichLife Group on Facebook, follow me here on RichLuckyLife.com, go through my blog LuckyRichLife.com. Let’s share all ideas, help each other, ask and answer the questions. Only together we can STOP this flood of Magic Money Machines, Cash Making Schemes, etc. Cooperation help us to avoid spending 100′s and 100′s of dollars for different type of scum. Let’s help each other.

To be continued!


P.S. Don’t waist time – follow me here and join community on LuckyRichLife.com, ask questions, share experience, earn money.

See you tomorrow.


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