Good to be with you, guys, this beautiful summer day in Melbourne!

Yes, summer is here and I hope for some days it will be Paradise in Melbourne! Beautiful city, wonderful country especially when weather is fine, like today. We need to pray for every day that we have on this fantastic Earth. Enjoy every moment, every breath! It will not anything THERE! Even more worth question – does it exist THERE? Nobody knows, but who know never able to tell us. Enjoy NOW!

We are going to flight to USA and Israel in September -October. Hard to determine, but it will be spring here in Australia and Autumn in USA/Israel. We want to make a surprise for our friends in USA – just call them when we’ll arrive and “May we come in for a cup of coffee?” It should have a huge effect. We’ll fly to LA for a week and then to NY, also for a week. Disneyland – one the main points of our visit! We should show this “miracle” to our children (by the way also to ourselves). I hope that in September it will be a good weather in LA and Disneyland.

Then we’ll fly to NY. I week in the capital of the Earth. Just want to breath that air, fill atmosphere, try to understand city, where billions of billions dollars flow in the air every minute. We also have some friends and relatives there – I hope they show us a bit of this huge city.

And the last stop of our route is Israel. It is one of the most beautiful seasons in Israel – time around Rosh A Shana (New Year on Hebrew and in Israel). I even can’t imagine what my mother will say when we’ll knock at the door. I don’t want to tell her in advance, don’t know how can I implement this in practice – we call each other every week, and every week I show her Danik in Skype. Don’t know will see.

But we’ll have 2 weeks to spend there. Time to swim in Mediterranean sea, visit all our friends and relatives and make a short trip to Eilat. Eilat is the beautiful resort city on the Red sea. Red sea one of the clearest sea in the world. For those who love diving this is the best place in our world! Fishes and corals of different colours. Colours so bright that  you want to put sun glasses under the water! There are huge amount of different attractions – glass bottom boat,  submarine cruises between coral reefs, 100’s kinds of water rides and coffee shops, restaurant, bars packed with fresh sea food, cold bear and strong coffee. Paradise on the earth. Just have money and spend them! Have and spend! Here you can understand why people work hard all around the year (some of them couple of years and more) earning money – it is real pleasure to spend money here!

And then back to our dear Melbourne! To the beautiful cold spring or to the nice warm spring, but home. Because now it is our home. Doesn’t matter how many houses or apartments we have all around the world, how often I spend my time in planes, flying between offices, here is our home! It is good to be home, it is good to return home! To our small, silent, quite, nice village – Melbourne.

Welcome to Melbourne! It is really cool here! We are waiting for you!

See you soon?!!!!!


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