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Today I need your help. I need your brain, your ideas. I want to organise a brain storm to help me in one small business. I need to sell Donut Machine! Not usual? Intrigue? But this is a reality of my life for today.

A small piece history. About 3 years ago I’ve decided that there are not enough real Russian Donuts in Melbourne. The taste of my childhood. I’ve planed this as a part of my business – family business – coffee shop and donuts. But I found another job, my wife was busy with little one and I passed this idea to friends of us. They were really happy and started work with enthusiasm, making real good money!

What can I say? They sold “Packages” – 5 Donuts + coffee – for $4,99. Cost of 5 donuts – $0,50 and coffee costs $0,10 = $0,60 per package. Clear profit – $4,40!!!! Not bad! There kiosk was near railway station and at the morning and at the afternoon they had 2,5 hours of rush hour, huge traffic! They’ve sold about 30-40 packages per our only in pick hours (5 hours a day) and additional 15-20 during the rest of the day.

You can easily calculate approximate profit – $1144 CLEAR PROFIT PER DAY! What do you think about this business? I also think so. And couple of my friends also started this business  I’ve exported another 2 Machines and the started to trade “from wheels”, moving around Sunday markets and carnivals. Seems to be very profitable.

At that time I’ve decided to change my job, we bought a house and should move in a new house. But just a month before friend of friend of our friends called and begged me to bring one more Donut machine for him. Something inside told me – don’t do it! It is enough for you donuts machines, you have a good job, your wife will no do it alone and it is not your best friend! We all make mistakes and I answered YES. Machine arrived accurate couple of days before we should move the houses. All my calls were transferred to stupid answering machine, which told me that this person is so busy that he’ll call me on the first occasion. It is more than a year now that I am waiting for this FIRST occasion.

And here I need your help, guys! Give me, please, some ideas how can I sell it in Melbourne or in Australia! Look, it is really good business, good money for somebody  who wants to start without investing millions. It is very good thing for every coffee shop – do you remember Packages – Coffee + Donuts? My problem now that I don’t have time to deal with this machine. And the strangest thing is that I STACKED with ideas! It is my profession to generate ideas. Invent how to sell more and more expensive! During the last 20 years I’ve done this brilliantly, but….. Short of ideas with simple thing, good product, which stuck in my garage and I can’t do with this anything!

This is Brand New Sikom Donut Machine. It costs about $13 000 when you buy from manufacture. I am selling it for $5 888 – less than HALF PRICE! Based on my friends business experience (about $1 000 per day) everyone can return these investments in a week! Even if you are not so fortune to find a place near railway station, you can return investments in 2-3 weeks! Where else can you find such type of ROI?!!!! I have full set of spare parts, instructions, manuals, recipes – all complex that person need to start making money. Literally, I present this business to somebody!

Please, guys, I really need your help with ideas how can I sell this machine. I and my entire family would appreciate your help and advise a lot.




P.S. You can look on this machine and on the beautiful donuts (taste from my childhood) HERE – – photos, videos, business plan.

P.P.S. If somebody has an idea or wants to help, write in comments, please, or


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