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How it is beautiful when you have big and lovely family! Yesterday at the evening we all went for a walk with our dog. We live in a very nice suburb – there are many parks around our home, small quite streets along which is so nice to walk along. I think and I really feel it – these couple of hours with my family, with my little one (3 years old Daniel) are the BEST moments of my life! It worth to live here if you ENJOY such a moments.

But I can tell you that you can feel it deeply only after the certain age. When you have some serious background in your life. And, of course, not everyone can experience these feelings. I remember 10-12 years ago – when my eldest son was in the age of Daniel – I sometimes even didn’t mention him. I was too concentrated on different kinds of “business”, entertainments, etc. What may you expect from young man in FULLY freedom country (Russia was such country 15 years ago)? Nothing much. And the best years of my eldest son passed by without much attention from my side.

I don’t regret anything in my life. I’ve made a mistakes, did silly things, my attitude towards life and people wasn’t 100% perfect – these are my mistakes and I am as I am NOW only because of these mistakes and other great things that I achieved in life. Never ever I want to change something in my life! Only one thing – grow up my eldest son. They flew to Canada when he was 2,5 years old and then I’ve seen him only at the age of 6! This only one mistake that I would like to correct. Unfortunately…..

Now you can understand why I am so exited about my Daniel! All that Ilusha (my eldest son) didn’t receive from me as a father, I put towards Daniel and plus my existing fathers feelings. He bathes in LOVE! And we trying to maintain his paradise as long as we can! Brilliant feelings!

Can you feel my love? I sank in my feelings and think that splatters of my LOVE should disembogue even through your screen. Forgot about every day history from my previous life, forgot about studying, about goals and aims – all nothing, zero except my little son – small child but HUGE MIRACLE! The best thing that can be in your life! And I so happy that I have this in my life! Thanks God, I’ll see him in couple of hours! Go home, he is waiting.

Sorry for such puzzle-headed post, but sometimes you can’t do anything with your emotions. When emotions are too strong – nothing can stop you. This is one of the best moments in the life of every man. I am not sure about the woman (interesting, what are they feeling), but think that they share these emotions even to a greater degree!

Ok, I’ll go to enjoy my SON and wish you to enjoy every moment with your children, every moment of your life, every second of….. ENJOY!


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