Hello my excellent students!

Summer came back to Melbourne – today is 35C. What do you think about that kind of temperature difference – from 45C til 16C in a day?!! Not bad.

But weather is weather and we are people. Monday is hard day especially after long New Year break. But… Working year started today and we went to work. Good Luck with our job and wish everyone to change it in 2013, if his/her job not the best possible opportunity in there life.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that something should happen in my life. In the nearest future – may be in the couple of days, may be in a week. Something VERY, VERY GOOD, POSITIVE, LUCKY! I have a gut feeling about this. It is hard to describe my inner conditions, but something like this: constant fatigue, slow reactions, feeling that I am near the edge of something BIG, GREAT. I definitely feel that somebody “Break me down”, push breaks in the car of my life. Last month I worked like crazy – 6am get up and till 2am with short breaks for family and food. And now somebody telling me – stop, wait a second – you should relax and…. The most interesting question – what will be NEXT?!!!

This is a great feeling when you at the edge of something new. I experienced these feelings couple of times in my life. First time it was when I went to the new high school. It was well known English school for selected students. Most of the students studied there from 1-st year (just 7 years together). And I became a newbie! I felt myself really not confidently and good at that moment. I literally couldn’t walk, couldn’t make couple of steps from bus stop to school – someone slowed me. But at the end of the day -couple of my good friends are from this school.

Second time I remember these feelings in Budapest, on our way to Israel. We immigrated at the end of 1990 and flew from SPb to Budapest and then to Tel-Aviv. 10 hours in Budapest were the hardest hours of that trip. You on the way to new life, you fly with approximate speed of 800km/h and… Stop, please! Wait a bit! Gather your thoughts, think about your life, don’t hurry. Just relax! Good to say – hard to do. But at the end it was worth it. I love Israel as my 1-st motherland.

And third time it was 5 years ago, when I flew to my future wife to Melbourne. We’ve met in Internet and I didn’t see her. We just spoke over the phone and Skype (she didn’t have camera). We met on 7-th of December and in February I started my Heroic flight Tel-Aviv – Melbourne. In normal life this flight take about 20-24 hours with 1 connection. I FLEW 62 HOURS!!!!! Imagine how somebody SLOWED me in this trip! I knew that I am flying to the new and beautiful life, that my wife is the best woman on the earth and…. Not connection here – take a rest, delay there – relax, please. 3 plains, 4 countries, 2 hotels, 1 city – this is my FAST trip to new life. And I don’t regret anything! I have a beautiful family, fantastic life which I’ll improve in 2013.

The same feeling of SLOWING I experience NOW. Something VERY GOOD and IMPORTANT waiting for me round the corner. I wish it will be closer that I feel! Wish me Good Luck – I want to see my HAPPINESS right NOW! Come – WE are waiting!

I’ll share with you a bit of it, be sure!



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