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Sometimes it is very hard to find the theme for the new post. There are not so many events in our life. Some days are very quite, relaxed and nice. We need a rest from our every day money making life. Simply relax and forget about all, enjoy family,  kids, nature. After such a day there is a problem to concentrate on writing. But I HAVE TO. I made a commitment to do it every day! And today just a next day. Let’s go.

I am watching now a brilliant seminar “You were born rich” by Bob Proctor. The main idea of this seminar – we can do, create, achieve whatever we want! Everyone were born RICH.  But somehow, only small percentage of world population are really rich. What is the main obstacle? Why we don’t achieve our goals in life? The answer is very simple – the main problem is person itself! We don’t have exact goals, we don’t know how to use our brain, we don’t want to think, we prefer struggle for surviving! Sounds weird, isn’t it?!! But at the end of the day it is 100% truth.

How come that that our brain is our Master? Why it rules us in life, but not we command it? Try to think about this paradox. How we can overcome this situation? How we can build our life in a way WE WANT, not in a way circumstances dictates us? When you listening it, thinking about it – it seams very easy. Ok, I will want to be Rich, Healthy and Lucky! What’s the problem? Just think about this and it will become a reality.

But what’s going on in real life. You decide to start thinking differently, positively. Write something on your goal card, read it as often as possible and your life will change dramatically. There is only one problem – YOU. When you start to recall after couple of days how many times did you read your goal card, how many minutes you thought about your new rich life, prosperity and wealth – you’ll find that you read this card hardly couple of times, you didn’t have even 5 minutes to imagine your future life, and all thoughts that you have in mind – HOW TO SURVIVE! What do you think may be a results of these thinking – exactly, SURVIVING. From paycheque to paycheque!

Look, nobody ask you something impossible – learn science in 2 days, jump higher than 2,5 meters, flight to space – only one thing that you ought to do read couple of sentences that you’ve wrote and dream about wonderful future! Is it so hard, so complicated? It appears that YES, it is too hard, nearly impossible! Even it needs for YOU, for your better future! We are so lazy when it comes to work with our own mind/brain. We can’t just put a nice picture into our own mind. And when 1000′s of sceptics ask about the results of these trainings and seminars they see the clear answer – NO RESULTS! Person stayed on the same level as he/she started. But this is not a problem of the speaker, teacher or mentor! This is the problem in US, problem that we don’t want to do any work with ourselves.

There is very simple example – school class. 25 students, same age, same abilities, same social level. One teacher for these 25 students. But at the end of the year some of them have excellent marks (minority) and the rest something about average. Miracle? No, normal way of life. The same we can expect and in reality we see it in our every day adult life.

Don’t blame anybody! Don’t blame circumstances! Don’t blame teachers! Blame yourself! But I have a better advice for you. Don’t blame yourself. Overcome your laziness and start working with your mind. It will be hard at the beginning, but….. You can achieve whatever you want! And as sooner you begin this THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB in your life the sooner you can ENJOY FANTASTIC RESULTS!

I wish you Good Luck and Strong Will!

The same student as you – Leonid



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