Hello from winter again!

Melbourne is a beautiful city! Yesterday was 43C and we couldn’t sleep without air-conditioner, and today I am sitting outside packed into 2 jackets! No place to boredom. Every day something new and exited.

I don’t know why, but I recall now my first trade experience. It was in the Soviet Union in 1986. We had a spare time at the University and decided to earn money. It was one of the first ever opportunities in that time – be hired as a seller to food shop for a short period of time (couple of weeks). It was watermelon season in Leningrad – it means that we can earn good money.

We hired to the nearest food shop. After short training we become a youngest sellers in this shop. And on the 3-d day of our practice we were sent to receive the load of watermelons from warehouse. We were taught to do the following – before we enter to warehouse we should put a huge metal bar inside the truck and then through it out inside the warehouse. The reason was simple: they weight the empty truck at the enter and the full truck with load at the exit. Difference between these weights was the weight (and the price) of watermelons. We found the heaviest bar that we could load and put it inside. Then we through it out and received a load of watermelons, left the warehouse and…. started to count our profit! We were so exited – bar was about 100kg, watermelon cost 0,3rub per kg – our clear profit (out of salary) should be about 30rub. I should mention that our scholarship at that time was 40rub per month. And here we expected to earn 30rub in 2 days! Good money for young students.

Next day we started to sell. It was that bad time in USSR when there were not anything in the shops – absolute ZERO. Every product was sold in a minutes and we successfully sold about 70% of watermelons till the end of the day. When we started to count our revenue we were shocked!  People from warehouse were much smarter than we. We wanted to cheat them on 100kg and they cheated us MUCH MORE! Not only did we receive ANY profit, we still were in debts! If we would finish selling the rest of watermelons honestly stick to existing price – we would be owing 40rub more! That was REAL SHOCK!

What we could do? How could we end this deal with zero balance? It was a good question. Nothing to do – only cheat a bit on customers (we couldn’t do anything with price – it was standard state price for all products in USSR). And we started our Watermelon Show! I through watermelon to my friend, he pushed it to the scales (arrow went up to the end), he took watermelon immediately of and gave it to the customer. Then he announced the price. Here it was the biggest trick – he added couple of kilos to the real weight of watermelon, multiplied it immediately on price per kilo (of course, added some cents to this price) and calculated the final price! It was not calculators at that time, line was huge and we were students of math faculty. We can recon immediately any simple numbers. It was a huge success! Sometimes some of the smart customers tried to argue about the price but the rest of the queue pushed them away from counter. Everyone wants to buy a watermelon and every additional minute was crucial.

YES! We’ve done this! Last watermelon was sold and we started to count money. Remember – we began the day with minus 40rub. And finished it with PLUS 5rub! Ufffff!! We were so lucky as we earned 100rub! But it was a good lesson for the rest of our life – don’t outsmart yourself! You should learn and know what you are doing. Only after this you can earn REAL money.

By the way, my friend with whom we “traded” so successfully, now the owner of the biggest trading company in Saint-Petersburg! Another zigzag of faith!

Learn first, become professional and you’ll be RICH!

Good Luck!

P.S. Still waiting for you HERE

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