Wow, it really hot in Melbourne. Summer is here – for 1 day, but it is good. +42C during the day. Good that we have air-conditioner.

Today is Day 13 of my new life. 13 is very lucky number! I am sure that it will be the best (till now) day of my new life! One more funny thing – today is Friday! It was 15% of chances that my 13-th day of new life will Friday. And I got it. I should be VERY, VERY, VERY LUCKY! It is a good sign.

I am nearly finished my preparations for New Journey in life. Main goal, Vision, Ways to achieve, description of up to date situation. Some nuances left, but I wish to finish it in a week. Great start is near! I am so exited.

I can share with you my big milestones for 2013. In March my own company will start to operate (I am busy now with staff and office). At the end of August – around my Birthday (25-th of August) we’ll fly to USA and Israel. It will be our first long trip with whole family – me, my wife, oldest son Frank, little one Danik and my son from Canada Ilya (he’ll join us in US). It will be very exited trip – we have many friends and relatives all across US – need to create wise route to meet with most of them. Then we’ll visit our relatives in Israel. My mother lives there and brother of my wife. But in Israel it will not be only fun for me – one of the branches of my company should be in Israel. Good opportunity to start looking for appropriate staff and, may be, office. I plan to open Israel branch in the end of 2013 – beginning of 2014. And then will be more and bigger plans!

Previous post was dedicated to my dog – Shekel. And I want to share with you one more short story from his life. This story has a very deep meaning. I hope you’ll understand what I am talking about.

It was summer, Shekel was about 2 years old and we walked with him in the park near my home. He run around without the leash – he is very friendly dog – played with stick and went to the grass to take a crap. He sat as all dogs sitting and I heard from the other side of the park shout of the little girl (3-4 years old): “Mama, mama, look, this is Kangaroo!” I should mention that Shekel is chocolate brown. I was shocked. There are no kangaroos in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg especially. It means that girl saw them on TV. And Shekel looked for her exactly like kangaroo.

And one more sign of destiny. Half a year before this situation I took Shekel to Vet clinic – just routine vaccination. I asked doctor – he is so cute, so nice – what kind of breed it may be? He doesn’t look like totally street dog. Doctor looked carefully at Shekel and told me: “I can’t be 100% and don’t remember the name, but if you fount Dog’s Atlas look inside for some AUSTRALIAN breeds” Then I wouldn’t attach any importance to this……

It was about ten years before I arrived to Australia. Year after Shekel became an Australian dog. Now I know the name of the breed – Brown Australian Kelpie. Every Aussie 100% sure that I am walking with Kelpie. When they heard Shekel’s history they became silent.

But think about zigzags of fate! Someone who knows all started to point me towards Australia more than 10 years before I arrived here! The conclusion is very simple – all possible in our life, all depends on us. Just try to mention whisper of destiny and LUCK will be on your side. You’ll know what will and should happen in your life. You can be prepared for all sharp turns in your life!

Enjoy life, stay with me,

Sincerely yours…


Find your way to the NEW AND HAPPY LIFE!

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