Hello from my first working day!

New Year break just finished and I am at my work place. First day, fresh news, conversations about holidays – fresh and relax atmosphere. We back to work among the first businesses in Australia therefore not much I can do now – most of our partners and suppliers are still on holidays.

I try to remember something funny, unusual in connection to the first working day after New Year. Nothing interesting or remarkable. Usual routine. May be only in one country (which I know) you can face something unusual – it is Israel. Officially Israel celebrate Jewish New Year – at the end of September. Every year it is different date because Jewish calendar based on moon phases. By the way now is year 5773. 227 years until Moshiah (Messiah) will come.

1-st of January it is an ordinary working day in Israel, even in our days (20 years ago no one even spoke about New Year). In Israel they call this holiday – Silvester (those who celebrate it – youth from all around the Europe and US). 20 years ago you can hardly find couple of bars and restaurants in which you can celebrate. Many things changed during these last 20 years. Now, I think, more than half of Tel-Aviv  population celebrates Silvester. You can find Santa Clauses, Christmas Trees in many shops and bars in Tel-Aviv. People celebrate it as all around the Europe.  Only one difference – 1-st of January is working day. Good when it is Friday or Saturday, but when it is in the middle of the week?

My mother is a teacher in  high school in Israel. She is one of the best teachers in Israel. She was awarded as the Best Teacher of the Year in Tel-Aviv couple of years ago. And every year she can see the same picture on the 1-st of January – 10-15 students attending lessons out of 35-40 (usual amount of students in one class in GOOD high school). you can be 100% sure that absent students are from former Soviet Union. It means that for there parents New Year the most desirable and anticipated holiday. It was the only one NOT POLITICAL holiday in the USSR. It was and it is family holiday when all family gathering together around New Year table (like Christmas for Christians). Amount of food that was prepared for this ONE night was enough to feed all family during the whole next week! But it was a tradition! All of us brought this tradition from our childhood with our families. And NOTHING can change this!

This is the main reason why most immigrants fro former Soviet Union take a holiday on the 1-st of January (if it is not public holiday). Companies and business owners used to this quite fast. They can’t understand but they accept traditions of other people. If business can wait one day they usually close it for the 1-st of January. It it is something urgent they find somebody who doesn’t celebrate or suggest good amount of money for there employees on this day. Look, you can trade even holidays!

For me it means real multiculturalism. Situation in which one group of people fully respect traditions and customs of others and vice versa. Because we accepted the basic rules of country where we live and people show they respect to our traditions. We don’t suggest to change laws, structure and basis of the country – we 100% accept all of these. But on the back end ask for some tolerance for our small HABITS! And it is works! It is works much better then in Europe, US, Australia where government declare multiculturalism, but in reality this is only one way traffic toward Muslims, who demands to change every country where they live in Shariah state.

Let’s be show tolerance of each other. Under the common rules of country where we are living, let’s respect some small habits and customs of other people. But only until it is not disturb others!

Wish you peace and joy,


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