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Today was my last day off from my official job. New Year break finished and I am going back towards ordinary routine, which will not be the same – New Life, New Routine and Big, Big Goals. I nearly finished my financial plans for this year and it is time to realize these plans. Wish me a Good Luck! I’ll keep you informed how it is going.

But now time for one more life story. Today I want to tell you about my dog – the most flying dog in the whole world (if we will not count Belka and Strelka – first dogs in open space). I found him on the street in Saint-Petersburg. It was more than 13 years ago. We walked with my friend and saw 2 little puppies – one brown and one white with black and brown stains. We bought a sausage and gave it to them. They were so hungry that started ate it “with our hands”. But it was one shocking moment – brown puppy made step aside and waited until his sister finished eating! I can’t went through this dog! Real gentleman!

I brought him home and story of Shekel began. Shekel is the name of my dog. I thought about name – around me were so many Bucks, Pounds,etc., that I’ve decided to call him Shekel (Shekel is an Israel money). He is a very clever dog! Never ever, from the first day I’ve brought him, he did something inside the house! Never Ever! It was only one problem – garbage. If you left something – all garbage was and still is (after 13 years) all over the house. The rest is fantastic!

I found him, it means that I didn’t pay for him. Start was god, but…. I think that till today he costs me not less than $30 000! Not so cheap?!!! It includes huge amount of different medical treatment – from easy ones, like chopped leg or vaccinations, until real operations and arthritis treatment. But his main adventure is travelling.

First time he flew from Russia to Israel. It was not so complicated, just 4 hours of flight in cage in laggage department. It took about 2 month to collect all necessary documents for this flight. I was waiting him in Israel and my girlfriend organised all things in Saint-Petersburg. When we met in Ben Gurion airport he was so happy that can’t even breath! He tried to bark but couldn’t, only jumped and licked me. At that time we didn’t know that in nearest future he’ll need to flight muh more and less comfortable!

Meantime we lived in Israel. I met my wife (in Internet) and decided to move to Australia (my wife lived in Australia, but this is may be another story). And in this case I understood that moving dog to Israel it is nothing compare with the same thing to Australia. Vaccinations, blood tests, checking – all these you should send to Australia and wait for response. After positive response wait another 6 month and then you can send dog with special company, in special sealed cell, straight to the quarantine in Australia. They allow only drink during 30 hours of flight!

When I first saw him in Australian quarantine he couldn’t even bark – he completely lost his voice! It took about 5-6 month until he return his voice. Now he is barking pretty loud and good, even we you ask him not to do so. But the hardest part of his last adventure – moving to Australia – was quarantine. Place where they stay in cages, you allow to take him out for half an hour twice a week and the rest of the time you sit inside the cage with your dog or cat. ut the most ridiculous thing is not this! After 2 weeks of visiting (he lived there 1 month) quarantine was closed for….. quarantine!!  Who invented this stupid thing – I don’t know. But in all cases he was a very cleve and wise man – 1 month in quarantine cost about $1000. Good business!

Now when I am looking on my dog who is sleeping near me, snoring and grumbling in dreams, Sometimes I can’t believe that he went through all this situations and still healthy as young. Don’t forget – he is 13,5 years old now. If you transfer it it human age it will be around 90!

I wish you to be as healthy as Shekel in your 90-th!



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