Hello everyone!

Now we all officially in New Year 2013! New Year, new emotions, new life – all new.

Every year life allows us to start from scratch, from zero. Close all previous pages and start from blank white list. And we promise ourself that from 1-st of January we’ll start Brand new life. From year to year we promise ourself same things, until one day you start to understand that there is no time and possibilities to change anything.

That is why, I’ve started my new life cycle 10 days ago. And for me 1-st of January just 10-th day of my new life. And I decided to recall some interesting stories from my life. 1-st of January is a good date to recall some New Year story.

It was about 15 years ago. I lived in Israel, my friend in Saint-Petersburg and our mutual friend immigrated to UK. We decided to meet in London and celebrate New Year there. I will not describe all 2 weeks that we spent in London together – there were many funny and good things. I just tell about New Year Eve. There is a law in UK – they don’t allow to sell alcohol after 11pm. We were young and didn’t give a shit about laws – youth nihilism.  But we were very smart from this point – we’ve bought couple of bottles of vodka during the day and started to “celebrate” around 6pm. We’ve made a booking for New Year party at 11pm. When we arrived at the party we were just “a bit” drunk. And only in couple of hours we understood HOW WE WERE RIGHT (starting drink from home).

It was a very good party, we met many interesting people, atmosphere was very festive and friendly. We danced, drunk, laughed – WAS REALLY FUN. But… I approached to barmen in about 1:05am and asked for the next bottle of beer. Instead of beer I’ve received very  polite answer – We closed from 1:00am. After 1:00am – no alcohol! We were shocked! How come?!!! We just started, whole night ahead and… NO ALCOHOL!!! At that time (when you about 20 years old) the main thing that should be in every fiesta – alcohol. Dring was like breath. But nothing could be done. Party finished around 2:00am and we went to street.

Our restaurant was near the city center and we found ourselves in the middle of London’s night life, NEW YEAR NIGHT LIFE! It was unforgettable! Crowds of people walked around the center. It was as light as day. Half of the shops were opened – you can buy whatever you want (except alcohol). People was so kind and friendly that you simply want to kiss everyone! All men are brothers! Freedom, Joy, Love Laugh!

But one thing confused me a bit. I feel some familiar sweet odor – marijuana (cannabis).  Can’t understand where it is going from – it is not common for London (we were not in Amsterdam, for example). I looked around, then looked up and… I couldn’t forget it in whole my life! Just above these New Year crowd was a huge cloud of… marijauna smoke! In the center of London! With hundreds and hundreds of policemen around. It seemed that ALL (including policemen) SMOKE and smoke not a cigarettes! London was wrapped with this sweet odor of Cannabis! You can easily ask everybody for joint and you’lll receive it immediately.

Life is really strange sometimes. Legal alcohol was closed in shop-windows, and illegal Cannabis you can smoke practically FREE on every corner! “Smoke on the water” – but in this case it was “Smoke over the city”! Drugs, Sex, Rock-n-Roll! The best state of mind for New Year celebration! London the BEST!

Wish you fun and wealth in 2013,


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