My dear followers!

This is the 2-d day and my 2-d blog post in my life. Now in new life.

Nothing changed since yesterday – only weather. It was about +40˚C yesterday and it went down to 18˚C today evening. Weather changes the same as feeling inside. Real roller-coaster!

Probably, if you didn’t try this, process of mind changing is the hardest thing that you ever face in your life. You understand that your way is right, that you HAVE TO change many things in your life if you want to make you life better. And these are not huge things, just SMALL HABITS, but HABITS!!!! And it is unbelievably hard. Get up half an hour earlier,  organize your day – put SMALL things in order, follow your plan, etc.

We think that we have an enormous amount of time! When we sitting in front of TV every evening, it is so easy to say yourself – NO PROBLEM, from tomorrow I’ll dedicate HALF an HOUR to reading, studying, writing….  And he it is – your tomorrow! At the end of the day you find yourself with list of undone things, without reading, writing, listening…. How come?!!! Today was holiday and I can’t…. What will be during working days?

You sit down in front of computer, open the book, switch on player – it is 11:30PM!!! What can enter to your head?!! Really nothing, but… You SHOULD DO THIS! It will be a good lesson for tomorrow, to get up a bit earlier, read half an hour instead of XXXX, listen CD while walking with dog.

So many reminders for tomorrow! But I am SURE – every next day it will be easier, every next day I’ll do more things and better. Just need a plan, GOOD PLAN. And follow it. So SIMPLE and so HARD! This is the dualism of our life! If we are not moving forward – we are going backwoods.

Let’s go forward! See you tomorrow.

And follow me, please! I need your help.



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