Hello everybody,

My name is Leonid Lurie and I am starting my new life today – 23 December 2012.

I want to share with you my day-by-day experience and grow with you.

I am 43 years old man now live in Melbourne, Australia. I have a lot of experience through my life till today, I lived in 4 different countries and…..

I am starting my new life from TODAY. I closed my eyes (and mind, of course) on my PAST and concentrated only on my LUCKY, WEALTHY and HEALTHY FUTURE!

My results till today were not so astonishing and I’ve decided to change my WAY OF THINKING COMPLETELY! If I am not on my island with my lovely family, if my family and I not so happy and healthy as we WANT to be, if my bank account shows me minus instead of 7-9 figure INCOME – it means that it is TIME TO CHANGE all this!

I am not a good write, English is not my native language (sorry for some mistakes and “bad” phrases), but I’ve decided to describe my life – day-by-day – in order to categorise all my efforts, put on “a paper” all my chaotic thoughts and…. May be it will also helps somebody to START NEW LIFE, find a right way to PROSPERITY and ENJOYING LIFE in all aspects.

Stay with me, share my thoughts and vision, HELP me to become BETTER and, I am 1000% sure, it will help you ENJOY LIFE more and more! One person can’t change the world. But a group of dedicated people can do whatever they want! Let’s try to change this sad world to LUCKIEST and HAPPIEST place in the entire galactic!

I would recommend you watch THESE Videos – it is about 2 homeless guys, who created this network – Empower Network. Don’t reject it, don’t enroll. Just watch and think. Think about YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PLACE IN LIFE. Every person has an ability to do whatever he/she wants!

Think about this and stay with my. I hope MY journey to the new life will be interesting for you.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

Best regards,



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