79-year-old Man from the USA Hit Lottery Jackpot

it is possible to hit lottery jackpot


Wylie Craig has been getting scratch-off lottery tickets for many years. And the Ton of money lastly paid off; the guy gained $125 000 hitting pot. Nonetheless 79-year-old man joked that “the good fortune has absolutely nothing to do with my gaining”. He additionally stated that he has been purchasing lottery tickets since 2002. The chances of striking it rich was 1 to 495 000.

“I have been chasing after the ticket such a long time! I am the retired truck driver. And I need to state that the winning is the very best surprise for long period of time”, stated Wylie. He also informed that he has not decided yet what to do with the money. The guy may get a new car and “do something enjoyable”.

Often lottery winners do not usually outline themselves keeping personal privacy. But this is not the situation. Mr Craig didn’t want to stay confidential. He even uploaded his photo and explained, “I want individuals to know that it is possible to hit lotto prize”. Possibly citizens of Rock Hill will hurry to regional supermarkets purchasing lotto tickets. The man recalled that he was surpriseded when he discovered the winning. It is interesting that this is not the very first winning of Wylie. The man has succeeded long before twice however his rating was roughly $500.

The daughter of Mr Craig said that her dad came and asked her to steer your man to Columbia where the nearby Lottery Workplace was situated. The female was surprised with the demand. Yet….

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