Cent Slots Explode for Two Lucky Ladies at Red Hawk Casino
A lot more Than $50,000 in Jackpots for Two Rewards Club Members in Just Days.
Red Hawk Casino, house to several of the luckiest and loosest penny vending machine, provided 2 lucky ladies rewards for a total amount of more compared to $50,000.
Dolores, from Vacaville, Calif., gos to every Saturday and declares the remarkable answer she continuously receives makes Red Hawk her choice. She was taking pleasure in a mid-day at the gambling enterprise website playing a cent Black Gold Wild Quick Hit coin machine. After simply a quick time of enjoying, Dolores was happy to see the reels line up for a $28,194 flowerpot. Dolores techniques to utilize many of her payouts to pay costs and says she’ll try to keep playing weekly at Red Hawk.….

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Luck Is Round The Corner


‘Biggest Loser’ winner Danni Allen: Bikini vacation, maybe new career?

‘Biggest Loser’ winner Danni Allen: Bikini vacation, maybe new career?Chicago Daily Herald”Making it as a singer is a certain percentage luck, and at least she has a little publicity behind her.” Allen was always upbeat and a leader, said Jon Larson, …

3-11 Porter “Luck Is Around The Corner”.m4v

New single from 3-11 Porter.


This is about people who are caught up in circumstances beyond their control and it seems their world is crashing down on their heads! Many people then wonde…

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