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I somebody didn’t watch yesterday tennis – you’ve missed half of your life! 5 sets and the last is 12:10. This was Djokovic against….. (not Federer, not Nadal and even not Murray)! It was Djokovic against ….. Wawrinka! Sensation was near! Just have a look at the last point – MATCH POINT for Djokovic and emotions afterwards.

And now Federer playing with Raonic. Without any surprises Federer won 1-st sel and now it is second. Don’t think that it will be any news in my blog today, but tomorrow I’ll post a result.

Today was pretty busy day. I had couple of meetings wich move me further to my ultimate goal in 2013 – $3 000 000. I am 1000% sure that I’ll aim this goal. Need only do all things consistently, step by step.

At the evening I have a meeting with my neighbour – he has a hobby – make electronic keys for motorcycles. If somebody lost motorcycle key he creates duplicate and programme it. You can’t imagine how much this key may cost – Up to $1 500! And this is very, very cheap. The same thing from dealer may cost twice more expensive and you may wait more than a month (he does it during the day).

He wants this hobby to become his main job and looking for marketing and promotion. We met each other on the Christmas party inside our community. He was very passion about making website, promote it, create forum, blog and all other different attributes of Internet Marketing. Slowly but surely we moving towards his order. Today we outlined approximate budget and time frame, I showed him couple of my samples – I have so many different examples for 20 years of experience… He was really impressed!

As a normal person he doesn’t like to invest money – he prefer to receive them. But he understands that without investments you can’t earn enough. What does it mean enough? Not some kind of pocket money (as he has now) but a consistent amount of PROFIT! Ir is better to invest in things and methods that will provide stable future rather than receive one moment benefit. (Sometimes ordinary, land based persons understand more and better than so called businessmen who will argue about the necessity of vision….)

Another very important aspect is trust! All over my life I was, I am and I will be an HONEST person. That’s why not all my project were successful, that’s why I have so many  friends and potential clients. When you open minded person it is much easier to establish good contacts with people. They feel trust and calm. And if they don’t start witch hunting they receiving from me much more than they paying. I am kind of giving sort of person. But sometimes people afraid of my knowledge (especially high level type of management, GM for example) and start to dig under me. No problem! If you don’t want my knowledge and service tell it face to face, don’t play round the back. It will be more honest and resultative than create fairy tales for owner. You’ve lost me, you’ve lost your way, you’ve go back on track. Because if you don’t develop your company you choose the way of DEGRADATION! Good Luck to you and Good Health to your GM!

Federer and Raonic playing tie break in the 2-d set! What do you think – will be sensation? I don’t want. Will see tomorrow.

Time to educate myself – Napoleon Hill is waiting.

Talk to you tomorrow,


P.S. Don’t forget – I am also HERE – www.richluckylife.com

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