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Good hot day here in Melbourne – very comfort temperature about +25C. We went for a walk to Arthur Seat and Flinders. There are fantastic views there. From the Arthur Seat you can see whole Port Phillip Bay – beautiful view from the top of the hill. Fresh air, wild nature, ducks, kangaroos – piece of Paradise. I love this place!

But my son wanted to “wash legs” in an ocean. 3 years old – he is too small for all these views. And we went to the sea. Place named Flinders – beautiful bay closed from all sides from wind with place for barbecue and  children playground. We spent there about 3 hours. It was so calm and relax. I am nearly forgot about ALL my problems. There is no better thing that relax with your own family! We are running for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and… missing something more important – how our kids are growing, how seasons are changing, how our wives became more and more beautiful! Stop for couple of moments! You can’t earn ALL MONEY in the world, stop worrying about problems – you’ll solve them upon receipt – not now. Catch this beautiful moment, take your family and jump, drive, walk somewhere to the nature! Relax, dedicate time to your beautiful family and…. You’ll receive MUCH MORE MONEY than before! Are you asking WHY? Very simple – God can see all. And if he’ll see how beautiful your family, how passion you want to care about them – he’ll give you MUCH and MUCH more! Because now it is not only fr you – it is for the WHOLE family!

Australian Open 2013. Nothing shocking. Sharapova – Flipkens 6:1, 6:0. Till now she lost only 5 games! Result that close to record. Will wait until officials will publish some historical data. We may be close to sensation right NOW, but I am not sure. Wawrinka won 1 set at Djokovic (6:1), but lost second (5:7). Now they’ve started 3-d set. Hope for sensation, but… don’t think so. Will know in couple of hours. I’ll post result tomorrow.

Now just want to add some highlights from day 6 – Federer crushed last Aussie (Tomich), French Fries – French duet Simon-Monfis and many other interesting pictures.

Last, last thing! I really forgot to mention – not the best side of my personality, but… If you just started open yourself and committed – go further, do it. I nearly broke my 2 small commitments today! Whole 2! Groom my dog and wash my coffee machine. I’ve committed to do it every weekend. And recall it ONLY NOW – Sunday at 10:00PM! Awful! But I’ve done all this. Moved all other things, moved relaxation mood, moved my family a bit (while my wife bathed our son I’ve groomed Shekel and washed Saeco). Offfhhhh… Nearly forget, nearly broke, but NO – I am in tonus.

That is all for today. Nothing special, nothing new and exited but huge amount of rest and relaxation! Let’s wish Wawrinka make a sensation and Good Bye till tomorrow. Tomorrow will be hard day – Monday, but for me it will be the start of new project and another step in my life. I need your SUPPORT! Help me overcome these hardships.

Thank you for this!



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