Albuquerque citizen Christopher Henderson won current Roadrunner Cash lottery draw. The man and his daughter Jasmine went to New Mexico Lottery head quarter to select money coupon. They were granted with $255 00.

Win $250000

Christopher Henderson suspected all 5 lottery numbers. He utilized the very same numbers he put as soon as previously. It is appealing that Henderson is the real casino player that often participates in lottery attracts. In October 2010 he gained $217 000 having fun lotto. Formerly he was givened with $15 000. Unbelievable luck considering that chance of hitting jackpot is 1 to 435 000!
It was reported that 52-year old Henderson bought his lucky ticket at Corner Store, found at Ladera Drive in Albuquerque. The store has offered….

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Lottery Winners


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The Lottery Winners

The story of a middle-aged Scottish couple who won over 8 million pounds on the British Lottery in 2005. See them pick up their life-changing winnings.


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