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California-based Red Hawk Casino paid out huge bad beat prize. Poker players sitting in on-site card space participated in quite special hand. A poker player from Brentford finished his four of kind nines and was quite sure that he was ahead. Nonetheless his opponent from Plaserville handled to get straight flush queen high. The first player was extremely surprised and dissatisfied for a while. However the gambling enterprise compensated his losses with outstanding bad beat pot.

The player from Brentford was granted with the biggest slice of the jackpot. He succeeded about $25k. His opponent who was fortunate adequate to finish straight flush made $12,6 K. Remaining 7 players got their hands in the reward. They shared the remaining pot.

According to A Red Hawk Casino Card Room guidelines bad beat reward is paid in case of capacity of aces or better is beaten. Moreover there ought to be at least 5 dealt players. And at least 2 of them have to get to showdown. Comparable bad beat prize rules are used in many online poker-rooms.

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