in $1 million over casino error

2 guys with same name win $1 million reward over gambling enterprise error

Kevin Lewis became a million dollars richer over the weekend in Cincinnati.

And thanks to a gambling establishment blunder, another Kevin Lewis likewise become a millionaire.

Prior to a packed space and cameras it was announced at the Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati that Kevin Lewis was the second winner of 3 $1 million marketing free gifts.

“When I heard my name I stated, ‘God lastly gave me a big succeed’… a great deal of screaming and joy, being at the right location, at the right time,” Kevin L. Lewis the 52-year-old Cincinnati native informed neighbourhood ABC TELEVISION station WCPO.

After the pictures and jubilation were over, the gambling enterprise learned it had actually made an error. The rightful winner, Kevin Lewis, 50 as well as a Cincinnati local, was at house.

“This was our mistake,” Horseshoe Cincinnati Senior Vice President and General Manager Kevin Kline told the tv station.

In this case, the million-dollar mistake worked in the favor of both men. Each will be awarded a million-dollar prize, and the casino vowed to step up verification of winners before the next event.

“There were a great deal of similarities between the 2 gentlemen that brought about confusion on our end,” gambling establishment spokeswoman Jennifer Kulczycki informed, including, “It was human error.”

The gambling establishment informed the local station it practices 2 levels of verification for reward winners, but it was only after the last identification check that the error was caught.

And in spite of currently granting the allocated prize cash for the free gift, the gambling establishment stated that it will still hold the third of three prepared million-dollar illustrations, as initially guaranteed in September.

And if you’re the lucky winner, make sure to bring a lot of identification.

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